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ZKFair Community: A Letter to Everyone

Hong Kong, China, 8th February 2024, ZEX PR WIRE, As time swiftly passes, it’s been 48 days since the ZKFair Mainnet was launched. Reflecting on our journey, we’ve reached several milestones: TVL exceeded $123 million within 6 days, over $100 million was refunded to users, 97% of airdrops were claimed by users manually within 3 days, the on-chain active addresses neared 600,000, more than 200,000 addresses are holding assets, connected with over 10 renowned CEX like Bybit, Kucoin, Gate within a single day, on-chain staking surpassed 3 Billion ZKF, over 40 project parties completed deployment and integration within weeks, TVL soared beyond $324 million, securing the 9th rank among all L2s, and many more. These achievements remain vivid in our memory, still sparking immense excitement. Each milestone embodies the collective endeavor of the entire ZKFair community, establishing a new industry standard with unanimous support.

Simultaneously, the vitality unleashed by the ZKFair community profoundly demonstrates that ZKFair’s potential is far from being fully realized. If we can reach these milestones, we are equally capable of conquering future challenges. Since the day of our launch, no member of the ZKFair team has taken a day off, and the rapid progress within 48 days stands as the best testament to our dedication. We are conscious that much remains to be done for ZKFair, and thus, we are fully committed, steadily advancing forward.

To offer the community a clearer insight into ZKFair’s future roadmap, we are excited to share some of our strategic plans for Q1, Q2, and Q3 of 2024.

Q1 2024:

  • Actively enhance ecosystem development, aiming to collaborate with over 200 projects, with an initial target of welcoming 100+ projects, especially focusing on DeFi, gaming, and AI.

  • Launch the ZKFair Launchpool, featuring 3-6 meticulously selected high-quality projects.

  • Initiate the .ZKF DID in partnership with SPACE ID.

  • Introduce interactive and upgradeable ZKFair PFP NFTs.

  • Host large-scale ecosystem events to appreciate the community and project parties.

  • Achieve integration with additional wallets and commence collaborations.

  • Debut on more CEXs and establish partnerships.

  • Delve into the Restaking Domain, collaborating with industry-leading projects.

  • Expand our team, attracting top talents from the industry.

Q2 2024:

  • Collaborate with Lumoz RaaS’s new ETH L2 to further empower ZKFair and $ZKF.

  • Enable cross-chain transfers and transactions for BTC ecosystem assets.

  • Continue ecosystem construction, reaching over 150 completed projects, with a focus on DeFi, gaming, and AI.

  • Increase presence on more CEXs.

  • Enhance cooperation with Polygon Labs, refining ZKP generation and improving the on-chain interaction experience.

Q3 2024:

  • Integrate with the Lumoz Distributed Prover Network, inviting global miners to contribute computing power to ZKFair.

  • Co-organize hackathons with HackerEarth, ETHGlobal, and other institutions to broaden ecosystem development.

  • Arrange global offline meetups to foster connections among community members.

Concerning the aforementioned plans, ZKFair has deliberated thoroughly (note that this is only a portion of our planning, with some aspects still under discussion. Meanwhile, we have earnestly considered community feedback, and these plans will be shared with the community when the time is right). In a dynamic market, buoyed by the successful launch of the BTC ETF, the forthcoming BTC halving, and the trend towards Fed rate cuts, we anticipate a vibrant future market. Layer 2 solutions will continue to attract significant attention. Against this backdrop, as a top 10 L2 project by TVL, ZKFair will adhere to its plan, step by step, to foster ecosystem prosperity, provide more $ZKF use cases, and enhance the on-chain transaction experience, aligning with community expectations.

We acknowledge that ecosystem development is an arduous task. Recently, we engaged in discussions with nearly 150 project parties. On one hand, high-quality project parties are scarce; on the other, project parties also face dilemmas, with choosing which L2 network to allocate their limited resources to becoming a common challenge. Ecosystem deployment is a mutual selection process, and we commit to offering maximum support to quality project parties. The latest phase 2 Launchpool projects have shown remarkable performance, with FairStake being oversubscribed by 3 times, and HyperionX breaking the $200 million mark in on-chain trading volume in less than 4 days, its derivative Dex ranking among the top 10 of the entire chain. We rejoice in the success of ecosystem projects and hope more high-quality projects will get to know ZKFair and deepen their cooperation with us.

Faced with intense competition among numerous L2 solutions, we admit ZKFair is still emerging, with a short operational history, modest valuation, no VC backing, tokens fully distributed through airdrops, and just beginning ecosystem construction. Frankly, ZKFair is under significant pressure, but fortunately, we have the support of all community members. Your support is our greatest motivation. Fully distributed projects may face early challenges, but we will also witness the most explosive growth phase.

Some may question if the $10B goal remains viable. We believe every contributor to the ZKFair community would answer without hesitation, despite the daunting road ahead, the $10B goal stands unwavering. We have already achieved many “impossibilities” in the eyes of others, and we are eager to accomplish even more.

Here, we reaffirm our commitment to continuously build the ZKFair Community and vigorously pursue the $10B goal and dream! Community members closely following ZKFair’s progress can deeply appreciate the achievements made in such a short period. We are also grateful for the numerous community members who have stood by us during challenging times and extend our thanks to all partners for their unwavering support!

In conclusion, ZKFair is in the nascent stages of ecosystem construction. Currently, through the concerted efforts of the entire community, a foundational base of ecosystem projects has been established (40+), with plans to complete the initial phase of ecosystem construction (60+) by the end of February. We aim to bring high-quality projects to every track through Launchpool, offering community members a plethora of choices. Building on this foundation, in Q2, we will further expand ecosystem development and seek large-scale ecological partnerships (150+). On the premise of steady ecosystem growth, we will launch a series of large-scale events to invigorate the ecosystem, stimulate incremental growth, and provide more engagement and wealth opportunities for ecosystem users.

In this journey, we are not only ecosystem builders but also dream chasers. We are not just pursuing the $10B goal but also aiming to surpass the “impossibilities” recognized by our predecessors. The future possibilities depend on every loyal user reading this message. The power of the community can overcome any hurdle, and we hope everyone will continue to support ZKFair and join us in building the L2 ecosystem!

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