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Zero hour: How safe bus travel is? Daimler relies on the active filter against the Virus

“The Zero Hour”
How safe bus travel is? Daimler relies on the active filter against the Virus

What is the future of the Busfahrens?

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How safe is the bus? What happens when it trips? Till Oberwörder, head of the Daimler bus division, gives insight into new active filter and surfaces, as well as new powertrains and the future of mobility.

Until Corona came, it seemed to be a lucrative market: buses have been ordered in the last few years in great style. In tourist traffic, because the new provider of the railway made competition. In the cities, because they invested in mass transit and more fuel-efficient powertrains surrounded. Also, the bus division of Daimler benefited from this Trend, by 2019, sales grew by six per cent to 32.600 vehicles.

Now the industry stands in front of a hole, especially since the second Corona-wave is yet to come. “Overall, the market has been about 50 percent down,” says Till Oberwörder, head of Daimler Buses, in the new episode of the podcast “The Zero hour”. In the second quarter, sales in the bus division fell by 63 percent. “We have a certain amount of roller-coaster ride behind us.” Especially in the case of coaches, the orders are broke. After all The public Hand writes orders for buses.

There is only one Problem: Many people fear the danger from the Virus, and avoid bus tours. Manufacturers such as Daimler’s filing, therefore, of technical ideas, and to equip the buses. So be active built-in filter in the air vent, sensor-controlled dispenser to provide a disinfectant and isolating Windows protect the driver. Oberwörders message: bus travel is safe.

In addition, the chief of the Daimler believes division that buses are safer than closed spaces, such as offices: “When the bus door opens in the distance of a few Hundred meters to get in and out, and this will automatically replace the air,” says Oberwörder. It is these circumstances, on which he builds his hope for the coming months, as well as the change of image of the buses through the Expansion of public transportation: “the buses have a bit of Sex Appeal won over the years,” he says. Better vehicles and new propulsion technologies have changed the Image.

Time to see things in a new light

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However, it is the bus division of the car manufacturer is still a long way to normality. Many employees are still on short-time work, the orders to place only slowly, and the industry is going through a transition. Currently, you drive “on sight,” says Oberwörder.

You are now listening to the new episode of “The Zero hour”:

  • Why is it in the future, many hydrogen buses could be
  • How Daimler of the anti-viral surfaces research
  • Why Daimler Corona has developed an extra sticker.

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