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WOW look who is growing – top rated salon in Picayune becomes the largest salon

Well, COVID19 – the most difficult time in modern-day history, was not all that bad for WOW Nail & Picayune Microblading salon. On the contrary, it was a time that the salon grew to a completely new level. Although the majority of businesses had to put a lock on their doors, and some even went out of business, this was not the case with this small salon in Picayune. When many thought things will never improve, this small beauty salon was one of the rare to become the largest in the area and better than it was before. 

When the pandemic first hit, beauty salons and the similar ones performing in that industry were the first ones, forced to close their doors to the customers. The social distance and the social interaction needed to be kept minimal, which is what all these businesses were about – providing services directly to the customers, of course, with physical interaction. However, good management was what kept the business working, growing, and now it has become the largest salon in Picayune. 

Being a top google rated nail salon and a top-rated permanent makeup salon in the south region are two very important things that any beauty salon opts for. Today, the social media presence and the social media recognitions are what bring clients and make a profit. Being present in the virtual sky is one of the best ways that one business can do for a great future and prosperity. And during COVID19, this was the approach that now greatly pays off. So, if you are in the area, be sure to check out the varied offer of services that include:

Main services

1. Permanent Makeup & Microblading

Brows by Pepper is the salon’s most popular and demanded service. As a brow technician, the salon is proud is to have Pepper as a valuable part of the team, especially since she is the only 6D artist in the south region. The steady hand and the impeccable technique are what make Picayune Microblading the best microblading salon. 

2. Lashes

3. Nail services for hands and feet

4. Nail art

The nail services are special, highly appreciated, and demanded at the salon, especially because of the constantly changing nail trends. The nail technicians, besides their exceptional skills and the regular manicure and pedicure offers, are always upgrading their knowledge and techniques according to the latest demands and requests on the market. Nail art is part of the creative process, whereas the quality of the best service is guaranteed.  An important focus comes on the forgotten hand massage that comes as a complementary offer with every nail service at WOW Nails & Picayune Microblading salon.

New Services

Additionally to these main services, the WOW Day Spa & Picayune Microblading (Brow & Lash Lounge) salon offers a new set of services, specially designed and crafted to celebrate the salon’s growth and expansions:

1. Massage 

2. Hair cuts 

3. Skin & facials 

Taking care of personal beauty and maintaining a good look and appearance is what every person needs and wants. And why not do that in the best place, with the best professional service and skilled team that will do their best to leave the salon with the biggest smile and greatest satisfaction? All the members of the team are licensed and skilled in the department they specialize in, so you can be sure that you are safe and in the best hands. Whether there is a need for a change, improvement of a look, touch up or relaxation, WOW Day Spa Picayune Microblading (Brow & Lash Lounge) salon has got you all covered. All the beauty services will be delivered to you by the team of professionals, consisting of:

1. Cosmetologist 

2. Esthetician 

3. Manicurist 

4. Permanent makeup 

5. Massage 

6. Barbers

The skilled, well-trained, and educated staff, will do their best to provide you with the utmost results and make you feel content, confident, and satisfied with yourself. 

Take a look at the new, special offers of services at WOW Day Spa Picayune Microblading (Brow & Lash Lounge) salon:

*$25 Senior pedicures Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday.

* $45 Senior pedicure + gel nails Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

*10% off Nail Services for all Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday.

All the upgrade and the investment in new services, as well as expanding the number of the staff, has imposed another big change for the WOW Day Spa & Picayune Microblading (Brow & Lash Lounge) salon, and that is the change of location in December 2021. Instead of at the old address 306 Hwy 11 S Picayune MS 39466 (across from Frost Top), you can find the new, refurbished, improved, and bigger professional salon on a new location – 115 Hwy 11 S Picayune MS 39466 (next door to Two Sisters). The salon is open seven days a week, including Sunday, so schedule your appointment today and see what makes this beauty salon the largest and top-rated google rated salon in Picayune. Book your appointment now at www.brow1.com.

Media Contacts

Scott Poe
[email protected]
Picayune Microblading LLC
115 Hwy 11 S Picayune MS 39466

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