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Home Business "World Wealth Report": more and more Germans are rich

“World Wealth Report”: more and more Germans are rich

The number of Dollar millionaires has increased, according to the “World Wealth Report” significantly. A study last year found that in Germany, 1,466 million people have a system capable assets of at least one Million US dollars. That’s nine percent more than the year before.

Worldwide, the number of Dollar millionaires rose according to the Report, to 8.8 percent. Together, the investible assets of these 19.6 million people in 74 trillion dollars.

According to the study, Germany in 2019, was still among the five countries with the most millionaires – together with the top USA as well as Japan, China, and France. Accordingly, the super make in the USA, Germany, Japan and China together accounting for 61.6 percent of all millionaires in the world.

Among the millionaires, those with an investable assets of between one and five million US dollars, with nearly 17.7 million, around 90 percent, while worldwide, almost 1.8 million people between five and 30 million in U.S. could create dollars and about nine percent of millionaires represent. The around 183.400 “Ultra-millionaires” with more than 30 million US-Dollar assets do not make up even one percent of the Rich.

Studies for “World Wealth Report”

For the study, among other things, national statistics and data from the International monetary Fund (IMF) and the world Bank were evaluated.

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