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Wirecard scandal: brown’s attorney called the Bundestag “irresponsible” – economy

The former Wirecard CEO Markus Braun charges through his lawyer Alfred Dierlamm serious allegations against the Bundestag. The operations of the Wirecard investigation Committee, brown from the prison in Augsburg, Germany, to Berlin, and to want to be there this coming Thursday public hearing, would result in the light of the Corona-pandemic “unacceptable health risks”. The Dierlamm writes in a letter to the Committee.

Braun’s lawyer announces that he will take action against a “forced presentation” of his client “in court”. Responsible for the investigation Committee of the German Federal court of justice in Karlsruhe, there Dierlamm would have to be able to appeal. In an interview with the SZ, the lawyer said that he thought the procedure of the Bundestag Committee of inquiry for “irresponsible”. Dierlamm offers to hear his client via Video.

The recently established Committee wants to clarify whether, and if so to what extent authorities such as the financial Supervisory authority, Bafin, and the control of the payment service provider have failed, and whether the Federal government would then be to blame. For the next Thursday, the Committee has three former Wirecard Manager pre-loaded, sitting in Bavaria in various jails in pretrial detention.

All three, however, do not agree and do not want to be brought to Berlin. While brown would be willing to make a Video, at least part of the information, called the other two Ex-managers of their right to refuse to give the Accused the statements in a comprehensive manner. One of the two, the former chief of a Wirecard subsidiary in Dubai in the Persian Gulf, will want to comment later. The third investigation, the detainee, a former financial Manager, but it doesn’t say anything. The Ex-financial Manager and the former head of the Dubai-daughters of Wirecard would give the Video to the log.

The representatives of the FDP, Left and Greens in the U Committee, Florian Toncar, Fabio De Masi, and Danyal Bayaz, insist on a personal appearance of the three remand prisoners. “In our opinion, the effort of a Committee of inquiry would be to the Public not to communicate, when, of all things, the responsible managers in the major financial and accounting scandals of the post-war German would not have heard a story on the spot.” De Masi said the SZ, by the lawyer’s letters, no new situation had arisen. “The witnesses are to come.”

To this end, the prisoners of the police officer to Berlin, and there are two Times in the penitentiary in Moabit stay, to be able to from time to time in the Bundestag to be interviewed. The Prosecutor’s office of Munich I , the determined against the three and another Accused, keeps the because of the pandemic, and for security reasons is unacceptable.

According to Braun’s lawyer Dierlamm, the prison management of the prison in Augsburg-Gablingen, in which brown is seated. Dierlamm writes, in the opinion of the management of the institution an examination of brown in Berlin would lead to “unacceptable health risks, and thus to a threat to the security and order of the institution”. The U-Committee may please obtain a “formal opinion” in the management of the institution.

Dierlamm writes, the Hygiene requirements in the institution in Ausgburg-Gablingen, were due to the pandemic law, “extremely strict”. Contacts of the occupants are restricted to the “absolutely unavoidable”. “Access to the institution by staff and External is only under the strictest of security precautions allowed. These strict security requirements to ensure that the risk is limited to infection, of passengers and employees in the best possible way.”

A demonstration of brown in Berlin would lead given the number of related contacts to a high risk of infection and therefore the Institute in Augsburg compromise Gablingen, warns Dierlamm. The Virus should be introduced in the institution, this would lead to a “massive risk to a variety of people”.

The Committee-representatives of the FDP, Left and Greens refer to the possibility of Corona rapid test and the “clear compliance” with the Corona-rules. The let personal interviews of the three former Wirecard Manager in Berlin.

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