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Wirecard Dubai: the secret of the desert economy

In contrast to the fugitive Ex-Executive Board, Jan Marsalek of Dubai has made the Governor of Wirecard the authorities. Many of the man is a mystery – but he should know a lot.

The Burj Khalifa seems to float above it all. Almost 830 meters from bottom to top, 163 usable floors, the tallest building in the world, symbol of the desert. In one of the Apartments in this giant of a Manager, for the Munich-based investigators are interested particularly lived. As a Dubai-Governor of the payment service provider Wirecard, the man of his skyscraper is said to have operated-Apartment shops, which were allegedly criminal. Since Monday, the Manager in custody sits, as the first accused person in the case of Wirecard. He is regarded as one of the key figures in billion scandal at the payment service provider. And as one who could contribute a lot to the enlightenment.

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