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HomeBusinessWhy the boss of the "Charles Erdbeerhof" holds on to its 100-million-Plan

Why the boss of the “Charles Erdbeerhof” holds on to its 100-million-Plan

“The Zero Hour”
Why the boss of the “Charles Erdbeerhof” holds on to its 100-million-Plan

Robert Dahl, the head of Charles Erdbeerhof, in the case of the strawberry harvest

© Bernd Wüstneck / DPA

Invest instead of whining: Robert Dahl, chief of the Erdbeerhöfe and experience villages of Karl’s tourism, continues to build on his dream of a “strawberry land”. He says: “I believe that we have a great opportunity.”

The story of “Charles Erdbeerhof” is a mix between fairy tale, Case Study and conquest story. A story that began one hundred years ago, with strawberry farmers in Rostock and in a chain of “strawberry farms” and “experience the villages” leads to: Robert Dahl, the brains behind Karl’s tourism, now operates five amusement parks in Northern Germany– and its Expansion is not over. The Corona-crisis, it decelerates at best something.

“In the Shutdown, we had our investments in the short to Zero hazards,” said Robert Dahl in the Podcast “The Zero hour”. Because its courtyards and experience the villages were closed, almost “spooky”. “Two months ago, we shut everything up again. We might give a little less Gas,” says Dahl. But you hold on to the plans – in Brandenburg alone, the entrepreneur wants to invest just 100 million euros into a “strawberry land”.

As a representative of the experience of the industry he is unusually optimistic: “I think we have a great opportunity,” says Dahl. “The fact that people get want to company with their families. And that many families do not say, we go abroad, but on the weekend of Charlemagne.” For the current year, Dahl is expecting about ten to 12 percent less in sales, thanks to austerity measures, the profit will decrease by some percentage points lower. “We have no reason to whine,” said Dahl.

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His experience-villages – a mix between a farm shop, farmer’s market and amusement Park are again well attended, with electronic meters, the number of visitors is limited. “I can hardly say it, but it is less crowded and almost beautiful,” said Dahl. Every year its courtyards attract millions of guests, who are often Fans of the hygiene measures should meet a lot of understanding.

In the face of rising infection Dahl advertised pay for a little more “sobriety and sense of proportion” in the reporting. “We must make no wrong decision,” he said. “We need to be accurate with the Numbers, because for all of the entrepreneurs depends on more than just health.”

You will hear in the Podcast “The Zero hour”, why Robert Dahl answered for weeks, no E-Mails, he admired Disney, and Manufactum and whether the company will celebrate next year the 100th anniversary. “The Zero hour” in there directly Audio Now, Apple or Spotify or via Google.

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