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What are web3 domains?

Web3 is the future of the web – a decentralized internet based on user sovereignty, data security, and transparency. Web3 domains are blockchain domains that act as addresses for managing identity, assets, and payments securely.

The Core Web3 Domains Concept

Web3 domains are blockchain domains that enable dApps, exchanges, or wallets to hold funds or act as a proxy for your various addresses.

You can think of them as being similar to how an email address works. So, for example, instead of having multiple addresses like 1MyAddress@someDomain.com and 2MyAddress@someDomain.com, you could have one address at someDomain.com. Then, all users can access it using their unique username and password combination. 

In addition, users control their private keys stored on their computer or mobile device only accessible by them. That ensures privacy is maintained between parties involved when transacting over the internet. 

After all, there may be malicious actors looking for ways to steal information off someone’s computer without their knowledge.

A Slightly More Technical Explanation

Web3 domains are the latest innovation in internet naming. They allow you to create a custom domain for your web3 application, a new way of interacting with the internet. The web3 domain will be a part of your website’s URL, but it’s not an actual address on the internet, like traditional domains. 

Web3 domains are similar to email addresses because they’re unique identifiers you can use to identify your site or app. However, unlike email addresses, web3 domains are owned by you. So you get to decide what you want them to look like and how long they’ll last!

If you have an idea for a new application or website, a web3 domain could be the perfect way to bring it online. You can register a web3 domain with any provider offering them and then use it as part of your URL when building your site. 

Web3 domains aren’t limited by geographic location. Any user worldwide can visit one of these sites using their browser on any device with internet access. People who use smartphones or tablets can access your site without issue. 

Web3 is the future of the web. It’s a decentralized internet based on user sovereignty, data security, and transparency

Web3 is a decentralized internet where you own your data and control your identity. You can send money to friends, pay for things online without banks or credit cards and play video games that reward you with cryptocurrencies instead of points or levels. 

Check out this post if you are interested in learning more about Web3.

Web3 domains can be used to instantly send and receive crypto payments via QR codes in web browsers and apps.

What can you do with web3 domains?

A web3 domain is a lot like traditional domain names, but it has some unique benefits:

– You can use it to build an online presence.

– You can have multiple subdomains, allowing you to create separate websites for different products or services.

– You can use it to make your brand stand out from competitors, who are likely using traditional domains.


If you’re interested in using a web3 domain, we recommend creating one via the Ethereum Name Service. This service makes it easy to get started with your blockchain address without needing technical knowledge or hosting costs.

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