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What about our offices? Interview with Wework-Germany-in-chief Nikolay Kolev

The co-working Spaces of the office of mediator, Wework no longer fill for a few weeks, even if they come from different, therefore, than in the past – only cool and cozy, but also controls and security designed with arrows to navigate through the offices, disinfecting, dispensers, and mask of duty on open surfaces.

The crisis is changing the world of work – and many companies are wondering how many of the office areas after the summer break, to want to hold. Flexible Working on flexible surfaces is a sought-after, and Wework wants to position itself here. “Companies now need to work out the Balance of the workforce in the office or from home to work,” said Nikolay Kolev, since January, head for the DACH Region and Northern Europe, in the Podcast “The Zero hour” (Capital, star, n-tv). The ability to in larger cities spontaneously on land use. Of a new “Hyper-flexibility” says Kolev.

Wework is moving away from growth at any price.

Wework through 2019 lived with a botched IPO, the resignation of the founder, Adam Neumann, and a barely averted bankruptcy a hard year. The record rating purred once 47 MilliardenWework Embed (1) 7 billion dollars, the largest Investor Softbank has had to turn away the Bankrupt, 2,400 employees were dismissed. In February, the Indian-born Real-Estate Manager, Sandeep Mathrani, CEO, and revised the strategy: instead of only growth, it is also a question of profitability. “Growth at any price, we have dissociated ourselves absolutely,” said Kolev, who previously worked at Deloitte Digital, and the consultancy A. T. Kearney.

The Lockdown has set Wework under Stress. In may, Softbank rated the company with only 2.9 billion dollars – due to the pandemic. In the spring, hundreds of employees were fired, others had to apply. The Numbers in the first quarter agreed to be more optimistic: for the First time, more than 1 billion dollars in sales was achieved, the “burn rate” is improving to 60 percent.

In the medium term, Wework will now benefit from the upheaval in the world of work. Studies from New York, for example, have shown that the path to Coworking-space will be much shorter than to the offices of the company. Wework will be the Alternative between the office and the home office.

The new episode of “Zero hour” in find them directlyAudio Now,AppleorSpotifyor viaGoogle.

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