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Web3 Freelance Platform directoapp ($DRTP) Set To Partner With Latoken Exchange


What is directoapp ($DRTP)?

directoapp ($DRTP) is a utility cryptocurrency token designed to migrate transactions between shoppers and freelancers while significantly cutting fees. $DRTP is leveraged by smart contracts, providing inexpensive, trustless and instant verification. An advantage over centralized freelance platforms, for cross-border services to offer equal workforce international freelance pay, saving users up to fourty percentage in platform fees. 


directoapp freelance marketplace is set to launch this fall, 2022. The $DRTP token has an ambitious approach fueling its hype. The Web3 multi-platform company is building an infrastructure, to interlace a three multiple-platform project, with $DRTP powering its ecosystem for suitable transactions. directoapp is set to allocate 5 billion $DRTP tokens, of its 100 billion total supply, partnered with LATOKEN exchange in the coming weeks. 


How does $DRTP work?


directoapp’s mission is to provide freelancers and shoppers with faster transactions and fewer fees. The Web3 company is providing equal international pay with freelance workforce equality, and seamless opportunities in underprivileged communities worldwide. The $DRTP blockchain infrastructure, is set to be used among a multi-platform ecosystem. A creative space for Blockchain communities and projects to bring ideas to life. 


$DRTP smart contracts are verified on the BSC Scan Network for proof of purchase. The smart contracts are permanent and cannot be altered or removed. Nodes may validate transactions by comparing the most recent issued smart contracts by transaction hash ID.


Understanding directoapp vs. $DRTP 


directoapp is a platform in the directoapp Inc. ecosystem. directoapp Inc., is a multi-platform Web3 company building in the freelance market and social community. Founded by JC Rolison in the fall of 2021. The directoapp platform is part of an interlace Blockchain ecosystem. The $DRTP token use case is to provide smart contracts for services in the between multi-platforms. $DRTP is the ticker symbol for directoapp’s BSC token.


How to purchase $DRTP


$DRTP is set to kick off its token proposition event with LATOKEN this fall. To learn more on the $DRTP project, please review their Roadmap and Whitepaper on the directoapp.com page, or by following their social media accounts on twitter and Instagram.


Company directoapp Inc.

Website – https://directoapp.com 

Twitter – https://twitter.com/directoapp_ 

Instgaram – https://instagram.com/directoapp_

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