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Want To Make 10X By Talking? Invest in Feed3 Rather Than Bitcoin Or Hex Coin

Cryptocurrency revolves around trading, buying, and selling. Even meme coins that bring a lighter approach still boil down to buying and selling crypto to make profit. It seems as though the industry requires expertise in complicated mechanisms before offering revenue. 

Utilities for individuals who have no interest in trading are largely absent, with the exception of a few. Feed3 (FD3) is one of them, allowing normie crypto users multiple investment turns through a simple method- talking. 

Feed3 (FD3) With Feedback-to-Earn (FB2E) Model. 

The whitepaper aptly describes Feedback-to-Earn as a “groundbreaking concept, engineered with an objective to empower the players with the ability to record and send audio feedback after playing a blockchain game.”

As the first platform to utilize this model, Feed3 (FD3) players and guilds in their ecosystem develop an additional income channel by simply submitting the audio feedback. They interact with the plethora of games on the platform, and once the game session is over, they send feedback. 

How To Earn On The Feed3 (FD3) 

While the feedback depends on the type of blockchain game chosen, all featured games are qualified for the feedback feature. The game team will enhance players’ retention and gameplay experience by increasing satisfaction using the collected feedback.

Feed3 (FD3) collects beneficial information from users without intruding on their personal life, promoting a decentralized structure. Players can give their opinion without leaving the game, saving time and effort. 

The critical thing to note as platform users is the opinion quality given. A player who gives detailed feedback on areas that can be improved will earn more FD3 tokens. It is effortless to earn when all you need do is give genuine and quality feedback. 

Feed3 (FD3) tokens are sold on public presale, and purchases made within 15 minutes of registering get a 40% bonus. Referring a friend to spend $75 gives the referrer and new buyer $25 worth of FD3 tokens each. 

Bitcoin (BTC)- The Original Cryptocurrency 

Bitcoin (BTC) created a digital currency that existed outside the operation of a central organization like the bank. It provides unrestricted access to financial instruments and peer-to-peer networking. 

Transactions on the blockchain are immutable, and cryptographically secure. They provide better resistance to safety issues common with financial bodies and are better hedges against inflation. 

Understanding The Hex Coin (HEX) 

Hex Coin (HEX) is the first blockchain certificate of deposit (CD) token on the Ethereum (ETH) network. It works similarly to traditional CDs, giving users better interest rates for locking their tokens. 

Hex coin (HEX) holders are required to stake HEX tokens for specified amounts of time. They cannot use the tokens during the set period but, afterward, receive HEX rewards. 


While cryptocurrency requires users to make risky investments that might not benefit non-technical savvy investors, Feed3 (FD3) uses the ability everyone has to give them several channels for passive income.  

For more information about Feed3 (FD3) token, visit: 

Presale: https://presale.feed3.io

Website: https://feed3.io

Telegram: https://t.me/Feed3Official

Always conduct proper research when dealing with pre-sales of currencies and tokens. The information above does not constitute investment advice by CryptoMode or its team, nor does it reflect the views of the website or its staff. 

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