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Wall Street gets a rebound in last hour of the close of its fourth week bearish

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The rebound came on Friday with Wall Street in the form of a rush of last-minute. The bargain hunters have appeared in the final stretch of the session for make-up that has been the fourth consecutive week of retreat for its indexes. The data requests of durable goods became the main argument for the comeback.

The persistent clash between democrats and republicans to bring forward a new stimulus package has become the burden that during the last few sessions has acopañado to the New York Stock exchange. While the first are not willing to accept plans with less than $ 2.4 trillion, the seconds do not appear to allow expenditure above 1.5 trillion.

This, along with some references on both sides of the Atlantic have realized that the economic recovery remains very fragile, condemned the us indices to sign his fourth consecutive week to the downside. The Dow Jones lost 1.8% on the week despite the rebound of 1.3% Friday, up to the 27.174 points. The S&P 500 limited their falls weekly by 0.6% to bounce off a 1.6% to 3.298 points. The technological Nasdaq recovered 2.3% for trocar their losses in increases of 1.1% to 10.913 integers.

Thus opens Wall Street

Eduardo Bolinches

The data for durable goods orders was the engine that bolstered with the strength of the technology index. And that is, the data for August reflected an increase of 1.8% if you deduct the orders related to defense, well above the increase of 0.5% expected.

As well, several of its key components, such as Apple (+3.8%) and Microsoft (+2,3%) became some of the values that are pointers of the session after a week in which have become to be harshly punished by the investors. The same thing happened with Salesforce.com (+2,2%) and Boeing (+6,8%).

The race for the vaccine

In corporate, Costco Wholesale it is one of the protagonists. Its shares fell a 1.27 percent at the close of a session in which has been given a prognosis cautious for its next fiscal year. And that’s despite the fact that the latter has just been closed with a record profit of 4,000 million dollars driven by increased consumption as a result of the confinement.

The hikes came to Novavaxthat was barreling 10.9% after it announced that has given beginning to the final stage of study for their own vaccine in front of the Covid-19 in the Uk. The recent steps backwards of AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford in its candidate encourage the speculation around the pharmaceutical.

Warning for a ‘penny stock’

Much more extravagant were the falls for the pv Sunworksthat she lost 46.9% of its value after having recognized that his tenure at the Nasdaq market is in danger. The leaders of this market gave a first notice of exclusion to the renewable marked for having prices close below the dollar per share, the minimum threshold that is required in this platform, that does not support what are known as ‘penny stocks’.

Now, above us $ 2 per title, is far from this situation, for having appreciated 214% so far this year. However lto extreme market volatility and the low unit price for their actions are a risk that has not gone unnoticed by investors, after the warning.

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