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Wall Street closes in green with the possible victory of Biden in key States to win the White House

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The uncertainties surrounding the outcome of the presidential elections of the united States does not make a dent in the bags that have come to touch their highest intraday on a day-election since 1900. Investors clung to the hope that Joe Biden imposed on the still president, Donald Trump, and look in to green the evolution of the elections.

A race that is still more accurate than anyone could imagine, and that could lengthen the time. Trump has claimed to paralyze the count in Michigan and has demanded a recount in Wisconsin, where Joe Biden is imposed by just over 20,000 votes.

It is also very tight race for the Senate, where republicans imposed a 48 to 47 for the democrats to Biden. At the same time, in the House of Representatives the Democratic party stands until such time as a winner.

Trade deficit

From Natixis insist that a Senate Republican will be a “great stagnation” that will impede a “Green Deal”, and will ensure the presence of some fiscal stimulus -yes, much smaller than the promised by the ‘Blue Wave’ of Joe Biden.

A day where not only have influenced the election results. During this Wednesday’s election was known that the trade deficit of the united States was reduced in September by 4.7%. Exports grew 2.6% up to 176,000 million dollars, and imports rose 0.5% to 240.000 million. This positive evolution is due to the increase of soybean exports.

It has also published the survey of ADP on job creation in the private sector. It gives an estimate of 365,000 in October, well below the 650,000 expected and very far from the 753.000 of the previous month.

All these ingredients have made the Dow Jones is close to his best day post-election in the last 120 years with climbs that have come to 2.7%. It was in 1900 when it reached a peak of 3,33%, when the republican McKinley won by democrat Jennings Bryan.

Finally has not been able to achieved that goal. The Dow Jones has closed with an increase of 1,34% in the 27.845 points. The S&P 500 it stays in the 3.443 integers, which assumes a rebound to 2.20%, while the Nasdaq 100 manages to score 3.85% to 11.590 points.

Discuss the elections

As explained the analysts of ING, what becomes clear is that “the polls are not legit”. The overwhelming majority that gave Biden had led to increases widespread, and “a strengthening of the chinese yuan and the mexican peso against the possibility of a relaxation of trade barriers”.

Now everything is in doubt, especially if Trump-as it has already advanced – judicializa the process. Can’t forget that the american shares were left in the 2000 close to 8% during the time in which the Supreme court clarified the result of the lessons of Florida.

In terms of currencies, the pair Euro-dollar it moves practically flat in the 1,1709 units. It should also be set in the profitability of 10 year american, which achieved a return of 0.77%.

If we look at the main promoters of market on Wednesday, look at what happens with Tesla. During the day of Tuesday, scoring its biggest rise since last September. In the first bars we found which gives a fourth of a point.

Market movers

The titles of Uber go up a 14,55% after you have received good legal news in California. There Justice has decreed that a group of drivers in the company can work as an independent, and not as personnel hired by Uber. In this way, ‘grave,’ the contested norm AB5 approved by the State.

Also Lyft is driven by such a judicial decision in California. Upload a 11,28%.

According to the Wall Street Journal the chain stores Walmart is in talks with ComCast to develop and distribute smart tvs. The supermarket chain has dropped a 0.55%, while the technological sum close to 2,53%.

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