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VW-entry-level – speculation about Sixt’s economy

The car rental companies Sixt for car manufacturers could be a good match, this led often to speculations in the market about a possible participation in the exchange-listed family companies in Pullach. It is no wonder that such desires flare up now and again. Are Sixt ordinary shares have as a result of the Corona-crisis-currently available for around 80 euros, in February of this year, there were almost 100 Euro. Also, do not need to save the car companies sales markets, one of the largest car rental company in the world is the worst choice. Because it fits well into the picture that the Volkswagen group might have interest in becoming a major shareholder with Sixt.

The Manager-Magazine reported that Wolfsburg would like to take 15 percent of the Sixt Empire, split into ordinary and preference shares, and citing company circles. Talks are in progress, it was said, Sixt prepare a capital increase, in order to make the VW-entry is possible. The family does not want to give their majority of the voting rights. She holds 58 percent of the ordinary shares, which account for two-thirds of the share capital. And the preference shares are fully held in free float.

Reuters wants to know that Volkswagen is planning no longer to participate in Sixt. From the point of view of VW such a sales channel stimulus was full. “A major shareholder would, in view of the unclear prospects quite welcome,” when is it again Manager Magazine. Both Sixt, as well as Volkswagen does not want to comment on the Wednesday evening to the speculation, denied but.

Sixt can only know that you had in the first half of the year, equity capital in the amount of EUR 1.5 billion and a high liquidity of more than € 800 million. And a syndicated loan, the KFW Bank of up to EUR 1.5 billion had so far “not been taken yet”. “Sixt therefore requires no further anchor shareholder.” In the stock market, Sixt is more than 3.1 billion euros in value. The speculation of which have resulted in a boost to, the ordinary shares rose by 4.6 percent.

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