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VAT – now Is the time for a purchase? Economy

What the tax cut and whether it is ever passed, in addition to all of the puzzles are actually pretty.

If the supermarket of choice has really lowered the value-added tax, will be able to find the consumer of this Wednesday. Where: The food retailers, the reduction is likely to cause relatively little problems. You are to date relatively well by the Corona-crisis. Now many use the tee to advertise for themselves, unlike the restaurateurs, textile merchants, furniture, cosmetics or jewelry sellers, who had to starve because of the lock downs for a long time. Of them, some announced already, to be able to as a purchase incentive intended measure of the government, unfortunately, is not to the customers. You just go to bad.

A duty to hand over this part of the stimulus package to the consumer, there are. Traders can limit the reduction in tax is only a small selection of your offer. It is up to you to provide each article with a new price or to provide the customer Paying a flat rate discount. One way or the other, a reduction of three percentage points from 19 to 16, respectively, to two points from seven to five percent means at the end, in fact, only a 2.5 or 1.9 percent lower price.

Of the buyer are not able to reduce the total on a bill, informed the consumer. Also agreed prices remain valid. Decisive for the amount of the award, the date of the delivery or the performance rendered is not in the rule – the date of the order. This was true even if the VAT reduction as currently scheduled on December 31. December ends again.

Many consumers would see with uncertainty in the future and afraid of losing their jobs, says the head of the trade Association, Stefan Genth. The propensity to save is high. According to the consumer research company GfK, almost a third of consumers want to take advantage of the tax reduction for new purchases. A lot of thought but, rather, to electrical appliances such as a blender, Toaster or iron, and less to do with a new car. In the case of Cars and other larger expenses, such as kitchens, the prices are often a matter of negotiation.

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And even if they would work in the case of cars, it could also induce adverse effects, such as Marcel Fratzscher, President of the German Institute for economic research, says: “I am for the VAT reduction, but for example, also lead to more cars with internal combustion engines come in the market, which will be in ten, 15 years.” Whether, and to what effect they will have, however, is not agreed among Economists.

The chief of the economic, Lars field, is more skeptical. He estimates that the VAT reduction is only enough for about half of the consumer more. Some consumers would prefer to also purchases this year, and then bought 2021 less.

At least in one point there is a Consensus among experts across various disciplines, largely With the consumer and the economy is slowly on the up again – or without the VAT reduction.

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