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“Uber Green” Via E-Auto-launches-Service with the e-Golf from Volkswagen

“Uber Green”
Uber launches E-car-Service with the e-Golf from Volkswagen

A Volkswagen e-Golf charges at a public charging station for electric cars in Hannover. Photo: Julian Stratenschulte/dpa

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Uber relies on “green” vehicles. By 2025, in seven cities, half of the mileage of its fleet emission-free. The VW e-Golf comes in.

The car service mediator Uber launches in Berlin-is a Service with zero-emission vehicles. Cooperation partner for the “Uber Green” is a Volkswagen.

The largest German automobile manufacturer to offer the Uber-car-rental partners of a medium three digit number of the e-Golf-the year of the car, told the two companies on Friday. The e-Golf, which can no longer be ordered as a new car and, since 2018, the backbone of the Car-sharing service We Share of Volkswagen. The Service comprises of approximately 1500 vehicles, especially in Berlin.

Uber had previously announced that by the year 2025 half of the in Berlin and six other large European cities, kilometres travelled, with emission-free vehicles to travel. The other cities are Amsterdam, Brussels, Lisbon, London, Madrid and Paris. The 50-percent target is the same for all seven cities, in each of them the value could be higher or lower.

The VW-daughter Umi company We Share was announced in June, because of the corona crisis a planned Expansion into other European cities for the time being to suspend. The Service was launched in the summer of 2019, with a station unbound car rental offer in Berlin.

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