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Traxalt: One of the strongest crypto solutions in the Stellar blockchain

Traxalt is being known and widely accepted as a great blockchain-based solution. It is based on the Stellar blockchain and it is why it has many advantages and it is becoming a leader in the crypto world. Some of the main advantages that Traxalt provide are speed, security, transparency, lower margin of error and lower costs.

The Traxalt protocol can be customizable into a blockchain platform for those enterprises that are wishing to define standards that will allow to identify and manage in a more efficient wat all their data into a public or private blockchain ledger. The platform can also automatically analyze, verify and report all data in a transparent and secure way. The Traxalt platform can also be adapted and customized to solve different needs in different industries, such as shipping, finance, healthcare, inventory management, among others.

What is the Traxalt token (TXT)?

Traxalt is a utility token based in the Stellar blockchain that is acquiring many users and therefore its growth is constant and rapid. It was launched in June 2019 and currently, Traxalt has more than 977,600 active holders. TXT focuses on bringing decentralized tools for individuals and corporate users that will help them to create a reliable and transparent blockchain ecosystem.

Because Traxalt is a brand that is continuously improving its presence around the world and keeps close to its users, in order to fulfill with the objectives for this year, the company recently released a Referral Program with bitfoliex. Its main goal is to grow the community and share the experience of using Traxalt. This program has helped to reach an increase of 36% of users since it started. TXT tokens are given to reward the users for every verification process completed and for every new user that registers in bitfoliex.

It is important to mention that Traxalt has one of the biggest communities of holders in the crypto world, as it is the token #2 in the Stellar blockchain. And more importantly, token #2 among 7,000 tokens that are based in this blockchain.

Where to buy Traxalt?

Traxalt is currently available for purchase at the bitfoliex digital wallet. The development of new applications planned for the future will be solutions created to solve different inconveniences. If you are interested in purchasing Traxalt and join the amazing community, the only thing you need to do is to open a bitfoliex account, complete the verification process and activate the Stellar wallet. As the Traxalt is a Stellar blockchain based solution, all transactions will be broadcasted to a public blockchain ledger, called Traxalt Explorer. Here, all transactions may be accounted and audited with absolute transparency.

Traxalt is considered as what is known as an altcoin, as it was created after Bitcoin and other existing tokens. The creation of Traxalt emerged as a solution for all the needs of the people that couldn’t be solved with other tokens. Not many of them have built a big community, but Traxalt is a solution that is willing to be close to its community and users helping them achieve their objectives.

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