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Top 5 AWS cloud certifications

Having AWS certification means that you have among the most well-demand (and profitable) expertise as verified by one of cloud computing’s most recognized and biggest organizations. Certification in the enterprise demonstrates a shared terminology, a common understanding of a platform, and a certain level of cloud expertise that can accelerate time for cloud project activities to value.

AWS certifications include following worthy credentials;

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

The AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam is designed for persons with the requisite expertise and abilities to successfully show a comprehensive understanding of the AWS Cloud, independent of the particular professional positions covered by other AWS Certificates. As an online proctored examination, the exam can be taken at a test center or from the convenience and comfort of an office or home location.

To become an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner is a preferred, amazing feature towards attaining the certification of an associate or specialty. This Certification Validated below abilities;

  • Identify what AWS cloud is and how the fundamental global network is

  • Classify key services and their common use cases on the AWS platform (for example, analytics and computing)

  • Explain the value proposition for AWS cloud

  • Define basic concepts of AWS Cloud architecture

  • Identify documents or technical assistance sources (for example, whitepapers or tickets for support)

  • Identify basic security and compliance elements of the AWS platform and the mutual security architecture

  • Define the models for billing, account management, and pricing

  • Describe basic or key functionality of AWS Cloud deployment and operation

Knowledge and Experience Recommendation:

  • We recommend that applicants have at least six months of AWS Cloud experience in any position, including technological, sales, purchasing, managerial, or financing

  • Candidates in the AWS Cloud platform should provide clear knowledge of IT infrastructure and their applications

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

The AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate Certification is designed for the administration of the system with at least one year of deployment, administration, and operations experience on AWS in a system operations role. This Certification Validated below abilities;

  • Deploy, maintain and run flexible, easily usable and fault-tolerant AWS systems

  • Choose the appropriate AWS service based on computation, data or safety standards

  • Implement and supervise the flow of data and from AWS

  • Estimate the costs of using AWS and define processes for management of running costs

  • Select relevant use of best practices in AWS operations

  • Migrate workloads at premises to AWS

Knowledge and Experience Recommendation:

  • Comprehending the AWS concepts – cloud computing architecture

  • Knowledge of the network technologies in relation to AWS

  • Practical familiarity with the AWS CLI and SDK/API tools

  • Understanding safety principles with practical experience in the implementation of security checks and ensuring compliance

  • Know how to monitor and audit processes

  • Virtualization technology awareness

  • Architectural requirements translation ability

  • Networking concepts Knowledge (for example, TCP/IP, DNS, and firewalls)

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

The AWS Certified Systems Architect-Associate test is designed for persons who play an architectural role in solutions who have one or more years of practical experience in the design of accessible, cost-effective, fault-tolerant and scalable distributed environments on AWS. This Certification Validated below abilities;

  • Prove information of how to architect and deliver stable and reliable applications on AWS systems

  • Provide management guidelines for execution during the project’s life cycle, focused on best practices

  • Defines an approach using concepts of architectural design focused on consumer demands

Knowledge and Experience Recommendation:

  • Practical experience using AWS services in computing, storage, networking, and database

  • Understanding of quality standards recommended to develop secure and reliable frameworks on the AWS

  • A comprehension of network technologies in relation to AWS

  • Capacity to recognize and specify the technological specifications for an application based on the AWS

  • AWS deployment and implementation capabilities hands-on training

  • Capacity to define the AWS services meet a specific technological requirement

  • A grasp of the fundamental architecture concepts of the AWS cloud

  • A global AWS infrastructure awareness

  • An overview of AWS’ security capabilities and tools, and how they compare to conventional services

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

The AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Technical test is designed for persons with up to two years of hands-on experience designing and managing systems on AWS playing an architectural role in software. This Certification Validated below abilities;

  • Create and implement highly available, dynamically scalable, fault-tolerant and reliable applications on AWS

  • Migrate complex, multi-tiered AWS applications

  • Choose suitable AWS services to create and implement an application according to the specific requirements

  • Implement strategies to control costs

  • Design and deploy scalable AWS operations across enterprises

Knowledge and Experience Recommendation:

  • Two years or more of practical design experience and also deploying cloud architecture on AWS

  • Build a hybrid architecture using main AWS (for example VPN, AWS Direct Connect) technologies;

  • Familiarity with AWS APIs, AWS CLI, models for AWS Cloud Formation, AWS Management Console, and AWS Billing Console.

  • Ability to determine cloud service needs and make technical recommendations for implementing, developing and delivering AWS systems

  • Explain and incorporate the five foundations of the well-designed AWS System

  • Staying acquainted with Linux and Windows environments

  • Capacity supply best-practice feedback on the design architecture across various business services and programs

  • Awareness of a scripting language

  • Architect a process of continuous deployment and integration.

  • Map business goals to Architecture/application needs

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional exam is planned for a professional to achieve the role of DevOps engineering with the experience of 2 or more years in the operation, management, and provision of AWS areas around the world. This Certification Validated below abilities;

  • Incorporate and oversee on AWS continuous delivery systems and methodologies

  • Integrate high-profile, scalable, and self-healing systems on the Aws infrastructure

  • Defines and deploys AWS monitoring, indicators and logging systems

  • Implement and automate safety checks, management processes, and compliance verification

  • Plan, control, and maintain tools to automate workflows

Knowledge and Experience Recommendation:

  • Experience code development in at least one programming language of highest quality

  • Experience running operating systems

  • Recognize how to build highly automated infrastructures

  • Understanding the mechanisms and strategies of modern development and operations

Prepare for Your Exam

No better preparedness than hands-on training. There are so many relevant AWS certifications available and also some more platforms to help you increase further competencies and knowledge to ready for certification. For information on the competencies assessed on the certification exam, please check the exam guide.

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