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‘Today show’ satirist calls attack ‘insidious assault of criminal pack’

The ZDF “today-show” satirist Dietmar Wischmeyer described the attack on his colleagues on May 1 in Berlin as a “insidious attack of criminal pack”. Berlin has been “the epicentre of complacent madness” on Labor Day for years, Wischmeyer told the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (Friday edition).

“Debiles Rowdytum” should not be confused with political action. As a result, Wischmeyer refused to consider the incident an “attack on press freedom.”

After filming around the meetings on May 1st in the capital, up to 25 people had attacked the team of the ZDF satire show, including with metal bars. Four people were taken to hospital. The attackers have not yet been apprehended. The brutal act caused a stir nationwide and was strongly condemned.

ARD employee was also attacked

It was not the only attack on media representatives in Germany in recent weeks. On 6 May, a man had also attacked an ARD team in Berlin. Police say he stepped in after a sound assistant. The 46-year-old was charged with assault occasioning bodily harm.

The attack took place in front of the Reichstag building. There had been 350 to 400 people gathered. They had apparently responded to a social media appeal. As reported by the “ARD Capital Studio”, a protester spontaneously broke free from the crowd and attacked the sound assistant.

According to police, the suspect tried to kick the man – but apparently hit the microphone angel, which then hit the cameraman’s head. The alleged attacker had tried to flee but had been stopped by police officers. The ARD team was unharmed and the man was doing well, it was said.

Eyewitnesses reported that various groups were on the scene. Many people were aggressive, participants shouted “We are the people”. The police found several offences and offences: violations of the Corona regulation, resistance to officers, bodily injuries, insults.

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