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Tips on how to Convert Words to Pages

The words to pages converting tool by Peachy Essay and some of the essential tips on how to best make use of this tool. 

More often, a person may write an essay without considering the number of pages their content will occupy. Later on, they may be left with a difficult task of determining the number of pages their assignment will translate to as soon as it is complete. While in school, there are numerous times when you will be given tasks to assess your level of understanding. Most of these assignments have a significant impact on your final grade, and hence, it is essential that you submit high-quality assignments. It would be best if you always watched out for the length of your work before submitting your final assignment. Most of the examiners will require a specific length of the essay, which you must follow. At times, the lengths of the tasks are given in the form of words, and hence, you will need to have a word to pages converter for you to know the number of pages your content should be. A word to pages converter is a free tool that is provided by Peachy Essay.

How to convert words to pages 

When a student is asked to write an assignment or an essay based on a specified number of words, they might be confused about how they will convert the words to pages. Depending on the content an individual would like to write, whether it is an e-book, academic projects, or white papers of a company, there are different guidelines for every form of writing. There are various ways of determining the length of your content. The type of font and line spacing are some of the common determiners of the length of a project. More often, the examiner will provide you with the format you will use in writing your content, including the number of pages or words. In addition, you may be told to use a single-spaced, doubled spaced or a line spacing of 1.5. Generally, a double spaced page essay should comprise of around 250 words.

Calculating pages to words

A single-spaced page should contain approximately 500 words as the minimum number of words. On the other hand, for a double spaced page, you will require a minimum of 250 words in every page. When it comes to 1.5 spaced pages, the total word count of making a complete page will be 375. However, it is important to note that the length of the pages will be dependent on the type and size of the font as well as whether there is the indentation on the first line of every paragraph. Students should also take note that the references pages, footnotes, headers, and title pages are not considered as part of the word count. Whereas the Microsoft word, as well as other editing programs, may provide you with instant word count, it is important to make use of the word to pages converter to ensure you adhere to the requirements.

The general rule of converting words to pages 

Every time you are using the word to pages converter, ensure that you check the line spacing, font size and type, as well as the margins. You will also have to take note of the spacing in the title. When writing dissertations, it is important to note that each chapter should begin on a separate page, which means that you will be more likely to end up with an incomplete number of pages. The word to pages converter has a user-friendly interface, which can be used with any person regardless of whether it is your first time. A simple way of using the tool is inserting the total number of words, which is followed by selecting the font type, size, and line spacing. Alternatively, an individual can just copy and paste their essay into specified fields of the tool, and the calculator will provide you with the results.

A word of advice 


It would help if you always took note of your word to pages every time before you submit your final assignment. This is due to the fact that whereas online tools and programs such as Microsoft word can provide you with the total word count, it is important that you do not count the appendices, references, title pages, headers, and footnotes. Apparently, using the tool becomes more difficult when an individual is required to write a 40-page dissertation since there will be room for preliminaries such as the list of tables, references, acknowledgements, abstract, and list of abbreviation, which will not be included in the word count.

Before you begin to write

Whereas there are general rules that are used to convert words to pages, it is important for the students to ensure that they also adhere to the guidelines issued by the examiner before one can begin writing. It would be best if you always took note of the font size and type, the margins, and the line spacing requirements as well as other general guidelines used in formatting. For you to easily convert your number of words to pages, you should always ensure that you have a consistent font type and size throughout your assignment. In situations where the headers are used, they should be of the same font type and size as the rest of the document. In essence, it is important to ensure that the font size and type are consistent throughout the entire document.

Students should always avoid submitting work that is either too short or long. It is important to adhere to the instructions set forth by the examiner. Whereas an individual may submit a longer paper than the one recommended with the aim of pleasing the examiner, they may end up being penalized for not following the instructions. On a similar note, the professor may not have all the time to go through your entire paper hence limiting their time to mark your work correctly. The advancement of technology has made it possible for the students to use the word to pages converter, which is a tool that aids in approximating the number of pages based on the total word count.

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