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Tiktok pulls back from Hong Kong – economy

The popular video platform Tiktok is responding as the first large Internet company on the new security law in Hong Kong. Again and again, was not accused of the creators to have enough distance to the Chinese state.

Out of concern about the new law for the protection of national security in Hong Kong, the popular international video platform Tiktok withdraws from the Chinese special administrative region. The Chinese mother house-byte dance confirmed to the newspaper 21 Century Herald on Tuesday the withdrawal. Tiktok has been repeatedly accused of too great a proximity to the Chinese state. The App is available in China is not available and tried on the basis of their worldwide success, to distance themselves from the Chinese state.

The censored and in the people’s Republic available, Chinese platform Version of Douyin will operate in the former British crown colony but on. International Internet companies and chat platforms, such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Google, Twitter and Telegram not announced, edit, available inquiries, Hong Kong authorities to provide data for investigation is available for the time being.

Facebook announced, before further decisions are taken, first of all, people want to legal experts about the impact of the new law to consult.

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