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Tiktok goes against the impending ban in the U.S. economy

The Chinese group byte dance takes legal proceedings against the U.S. government announced a ban on its short-video App, Tiktok. The two companies filed in a Federal court in Washington appeal to block the planned for Sunday Download-lock. This is clear from the court documents that were filed on Friday. The ban was based on political reasons and had nothing to do with the reasoning to be, a threat to national security, said Tiktok and bytes dance.

In addition, the Constitution guaranteed rights would be violated. The US President’s office could not be reached for comment on Saturday first. The U.S. government had imposed on the Friday, a Download prohibition against Tiktok and the Chinese Messaging and payment service, Wechat from Sunday.

They justified this by the fact that data of US users could be redirected to the Chinese authorities. While on Wechat immediately restrictions that has made the US government the Tiktok-owners-byte dance practically an Ultimatum: if Up to 12. November will change for Tiktok in the United States, said trade Minister Wilbur Ross. Until then, the ban could be repealed, should interact with a byte-dance with the US software group Oracle on a solution which would take the security concerns of the United States.

China and the Black list

The US and China are stuck in a trade dispute, this plate duties about each other with Criminal. China is pushing ahead with plans for a kind of “Black list” of foreign companies. The Ministry of Commerce presented on Saturday for the first time, arrangements were made for unreliability in classification. They targeted foreign companies and individuals, the China’s sovereignty and security endangered, the Ministry announced. There should now be an authority for the implementation of the plans set up.

After US President Donald Trump last year imposed additional duties on Chinese Goods and the network supplier Huawei business restrictions had been imposed, had China announced a sanctions list of foreign firms that were seen as harmful to Chinese interests.

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