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The Russian doctors said that there is poison in the blood of Alexei Navalny and prevent their transfer to Germany for care

Alexei Navalny
Alexei Navalny

Has not been discovered “no poison” in the body of the opposition leader Russian Alexei Navalny, admitted to the intensive care unit of a hospital in Siberia, said Friday one of the medical officers of the centre.

Up to now we have not identified any poison in the blood or in the urine, there are no traces of a presence poison, said Anatoli Kalinishenko, deputy director of the emergency hospital no. 1, Omsk, where the opponent was boarding. The relatives of the opposition leader say that it was “poisoned intentionally”, “with something mixed with your tea”.

We do not believe that you have been the victim of a poisoning” added the doctor, adding that he could not, by law, to make public his diagnosis, but that it had been communicated to his family.

Kalinishenko said that his state “unstable” does not allow the transfer to the foreigndespite the arrival to Omsk of a medicalized aircraft from Germany, chartered by an NGO that hopes to bring the opposition leader to Berlin.

Alexei Navalny is one of the critics most firm of the Kremlin. I was travelling in a plane from Tomsk to Moscow when she felt very poorly and the apparatus had to make an emergency landing in Omsk.

The opposition was admitted in the hospital and is in a coma connected to a respirator.

Russian doctors pressured by the Kremlin rejected his transfer to the foreign

The chief medical officer announced that Navalny is not transportable. Your state is unstable” said the spokesperson of the opposition, Kira Yarmysh, on Twitter. The rejection of transfer “it is a direct threat to his life. It is mortally dangerous to leave him in the hospital Omsk without equipment still has made a diagnosis”.

According to her, the decision of the relatives of the opposition it is not sufficient for it to be transferred abroadbecause doctors are opposed.

Yarmysh has reported that doctors, under pressure from the Kremlin, refuse to authorize his transfer to another hospital as they had been insured in the first place.

Yarmysh said directly to the Moscow regime of being behind this decision, has said, “in the last time”, because in a first moment, “the doctors said they were ready to authorize the transfer”.

So what has communicated through his Twitter account, where he also reported that the life of Navalni, in a coma since Thursday, is in danger because “the head of intensive care refuses to take the responsibility”.

The plane that we organized for the evacuation of Alexei should land in an hour. The prohibition of transfer is an attempt on his life”, he added.

That transportation to which it makes reference Yarmysh, could be the of the German NGO Cinema for Peace, who reported hours after knowing the situation of Navalny that fletaría a medicalized aircraft for that the opponent could be moved to Berlin, next to his wife, he told its president, Jaka Bizilj, the journal Bild.


The environment of Navalni reported that the Kremlin press the physicians to not approve your transfer

Who is Alexei Navalny, the leading foe of president Vladimir Putin who is in a coma for alleged poisoning

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