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The proposal of a british island to attract 500 residents

Island of Sark-Great Britain

In the last time, and as a result of the crisis caused by the pandemic coronavirus, there are several argentines who expressed their intentions to emigrate or have already done it, but this is not always a simple task since in many cases the countries require different requirements to enter or stay in its territory.

In this context, which also affects many other nations, there is an island of Great Britain which began a campaign to attract new residents and in order to solve the problem of population it has had for years and that has worsened recently.

It is Sark, a small cay just 5,6 km long and 2.4 wide, located off the coast of Normandy, in the middle distance between the peninsula of Cherbourg, in France, and the south of England, with only 400 inhabitants.

In this paradisiacal territory, surrounded by natural and crystal clear waters, are prohibited cars: can only be used as a means of transport bicycles, horses or carriages. In addition, there is also no artificial lighting in the street, why in the night you can appreciate a star-filled sky, thanks to the lack of light pollution.

In fact, this island has an observatory specially designed to enjoy this type of shows and in 2011 has been awarded by the american International association of Dark Skies (ADI, for its acronym in English) as the first of its kind suitable for observe the stars.

The bicycle is one of the few means of transport allowed on the island of Sark.
The bicycle is one of the few means of transport allowed on the island of Sark.

Eager to receive new settlers, one of its few inhabitants, Swen Lorenzdecided to put together a project called “Sark Society”, which aims to provide information and assistance to those wishing to move to this small State that is under british rule but governed by its own system of administrative and legal.

For an approximate cost of £ 1,000, the German entrepreneur who is currently living in this place since 2004, provides a detailed guide of 250 pages, and personal support to the stakeholders. The initiative is carried out under the motto “As one of the 500 people in creating a new style of life”.

“During the past 16 years, I have witnessed how the population has decreased from 650 to only 400 inhabitants today. At the outbreak of the global pandemic caused by the COVID-19, I noticed among my friends that many people were really interested in Sark”, explained Lorenz to the portal Traveler.is.

So far, the man has already got a couple londiense moved permanently to the island and that two other persons were to sign a rental agreement, in addition to adding hundreds of visits in the web page that was available.

The project account with the approval of Christopher Beaumont, lord of Sark and heir of Sibyl Hathaway, who was the maximum authority of this territory from 1927 until 1974. It is important to clarify that, to be within the limit of the archipelago of Guernsey, this key is also part of the Brexit, so that european passports will only be useful until the next December 31 after that date, shall be considered as any other.

In terms of climate, the whole of this territory is mild and only has some frost in winter, but there are plenty of sunny days during the summer and the temperature usually does not exceed 30 degrees. In addition, it has three ports, Creux, La Maseline, and Havre Gosselin, and wonderful views towards the cliffs.

“The inhabitants of the island enjoy the nature and a community respectful. In addition, there is a danger that taxes are out of control because the government is debt free. I thought: this is a way of life that I would like to make available to more people!”, highlighted Lorenz in the above-mentioned means.

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