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The KittyShiba (KSHIBA) Presale Spells Success on Unicrypt!

London, United Kingdom, 10 Nov 2021, ZEXPRWIREKittyShiba (KSHIBA), a BSC-based meme token project, successfully held its Initial Liquidity Offering (ILO) on leading Launchpad protocol Unicrypt

Early bird investors joined the fundraiser for a chance to buy tokens at a presale rate of 880M KSHIBA per BNB. Each participant could spend a maximum of 2 BNB. 

The first ILO round sold out in seconds as eager investors rushed in to bag some KSHIBA and generate a lucrative passive income earning stream.  Crypto enthusiasts who missed out on the first presale round can buy tokens now by clicking this link and connecting their wallet. 

The protocol will lock 60% of the BNB liquidity raised on Unicrypt for up to 11 months. This approach safeguards investors against a rug pull, ensuring investors KittyShiba will serve investors in the long term. 

The team backing KSHIBA has initiated a market for their native token on PancakeSwap. The meme coin will soon launch on the top DEX at a listing price is set at 792M KSHIBA per BNB. 

A Unique and Intelligent way to Earn

KittyShiba offers investors a platform where they can increase their crypto earnings simply for holding KSHIBA. The project uses a financial model and intelligent coding to deliver token reflection earnings to every holder. Moreover, the kitty-themed project integrates a fully self-sustaining model designed to increase the user base and build a strong community. 

KittyShiba has a robust fees model that charges multiple types of fees on all buy and sell trades. The tax from transactions is used to reward KSHIBA holders and fund marketing/development, ensuring the meme token takes flight. 

KSHIBA charges a 1% buy fee, 2% buy liquidity fee, 5% buy marketing fee and 1% buyback fee. The buyback mechanism is crucial to the ecosystem, as it takes out tokens from circulation each week, increasing the value of KSHIBA over time. 

On sell transactions, the protocol charges various kinds of fees that benefit all holders. Each non-buy transaction attracts a 1% sell tax fee, 2% sell liquidity fee, 5% sell marketing fee, and 1% sell buyback fee. 

Why KSHIBA Stands Out

The kitty-inspired protocol offers holders automatic token reflection by deducting a small fee from all maker and taker accounts. KSHIBA holders can sit back and watch their numbers increase instantly on the platform. 

To maximize rewards to holders, KittyShiba does not charge any gas fees to deliver reflector value. The project also saves gas fees because tokens do not need to be physically transferred from one user to another.

KSHIBA also boasts a unique “antiGas” protector that prevents bots, spiders and snipers from draining user funds from the protocol’s liquidity pool. 

A Fully Secure and Decentralized Platform 

The team behind KittyShiba is fully committed to delivering a secure and decentralized project that benefits all holders. To this end, they have completed their smart contract KYC and audit done by SolidProof, a leading auditing firm.

KittyShiba is a brilliant liquidity incubation investment that delivers instant token reflection to investors. Join the KSHIBA ILO on Unicrypt for a chance to hold a meme token that promises to be a hidden gem in the crowded crypto space.  

To learn more about the KittyShiba features and fundraiser, check out the project’s website and Github page. Connect with the KSHIBA community on Twitter and Telegram and keep up with the latest developments at t.me/kittyshibanews

Media Contact – 

Tanvir Rahaman

Keepers Network Ltd.

email: [email protected]

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