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The Joker Coin! Project utility, driven by the community!

Cape Coral, FL, 7 Oct 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, The Joker Coin is a crypto-currency project which is set to launch on the BSC on the 8th of October at 18:00 UTC. The whitelist presale will be hosted on Pinksale on the 7th of October at 16:00 pm UTC and two hours later Joker will become the first public presale hosted on FEGex. The Joker dev team understands the importance of community with most of these projects, although their focus is primarily on the development of the project’s utility, they also have a focus set on becoming a community that expands worldwide, similar to FEG’s growth. The ultimate goal for the Joker team is to provide a gaming utility with a platform that will enable users to live chat in an original way, with lifestyle-related topics within one application with various discounts and bonuses according to the volume of coins held.

JokerCoin: Presale and launch on Pancake Swap.

The Jokercoin is set to launch on the 8th of October at 18:00 pm UTC on the BSC. The community has grown tremendously and the hype is building fast. The token itself will have various taxes which include; buying 7% lottery tax, 3% liquidity pool, and 2% to marketing. While the sell taxes consist of 5% to holders in reflections, 3% to the liquidity pool, 2% to marketing, and 2% burn. The team has plenty of experience in coding for smart contracts and these tokenomics are one of the many reasons to be excited about holding and buying Jokercoin, if people sell then the holder is rewarded with reflections, with the overall value of the projects itself by earning and accumulating more tokens from the beginning you can gain a substantial holding for the future to come. There is also a max sell function as an anti dump mechanism where holders can only sell 0.2% of the max supply at a time to stop any big dips in the chart. From chances of lottery wins, play-to-earn features, peer-to-peer betting, and later incorporation elements for businesses associated with Joker. There is an ecosystem model which this dev team can create and they are innovative and dedicated to pulling it off. The community itself is already very active within Telegram and the communication from the top down is exceptional. It is an exciting project, community, and more importantly team surrounding the Joker project.


The dev team for Joker has experienced game developers, they also love to play games! The idea for JokerApp is to incorporate real-life applications and services into their app. Professions from all around the world will be able to engage in this application and earn rewards and bonuses through playing the game. The application itself will also provide certain retail services for providing work to those incorporations which accept Joker. The network of people the Joker team acquires through the growth of the project itself will be used to give back to the ones who invest and who are active users within the community. The Joker team’s ambition is to maintain long-term sustainability that ultimately generates wealth for the investors and companies who associate with the project! If you provide a service of any kind then Jokercoin has the plans and the means to get people employed through the JokerApp system. The team of 16 is not playing around and they are well versed in the format to really bring the applications to life like never seen before!

Joker Bank: Peer-to-peer card game.

Joker Bank is a card game that will be a user-friendly peer-to-peer card game that will integrate the Joker cryptocurrency. It will be an e-gaming application. There are also various other lottery games in development, they will be innovative, user-friendly interfaces that will integrate the Jokercoin like never seen before. For now, there is a demo that can be trialed on the Joker website, for now, you will have to use USDT to play other users online for the staking of bets but the team will work towards the full integration of Joker tokens. The Joker Bank game is designed to keep the money in the community, where most people will benefit through the Joker experience. There will be no casino algorithms, with no fees for buy-ins or withdrawals. There will only be a 1% fee for every win. 0.4% of the fee goes to Joker servers for maintenance and to run the games. 0.6% of it will go to JACKPOTS, which are also one of a kind. Jackpots are redistributed to players based on some conditions listed in every game. More information about the game itself can be found through the website and more importantly within the community where the team is constantly sharing developments about the game itself and where they are in terms of launching the games itself.

The Jokercoin project: Short, medium, and long term.

The Jokercoin investors are in for an exciting, action-packed journey with the Joker team, they have big plans, higher ambitions with the skills and steps to fulfilling their goals. The team have thought of ideas that will become reality very soon, not only with Joker Bank will the investors be able to play their favorite card game against friends, they will also have the JokerApp which will enable peers within this community to constantly benefit and grow because of their trust in the process, for anybody who does their research on crypto-currency projects it is very evident that the Joker team means business and their innovation could essentially lead to mass adoption within a space as we have never seen before.

 TELEGRAM: https://t.me/jokercoinsofficial

 TWITTER: https://twitter.com/JokerCoin777

 WEBSITE: www.jokercoin.live

 PLAY THE GAME: www.jokerbank.live

Media Contact:
Dave Singh
[email protected]

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