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The Ibex 35 pierces the 7.400 points to speed up its descent by the hangover of the Fed

The doubts about the solvency of the economic recovery become to point out to investors the way of sales. The pitch content of the Federal Reserve (Fed) and its chairman Jerome Powell on Wednesday results in a generalized step-by-box this Thursday in the bags. The Ibex 35 loses more than 3% until you get to pierce the dimension key of the 7.400 points.

Not a single index value escapes the red of the losses. IAG starts with a 10% drop, while a good handful of values were unable to mark price for an avalanche of orders to vendors who triggered the auctions of volatility.

The selective Spanish mode correction after accumulating a rise of more than 1,350 points in a few days and now it is time to wait and see how deep it is to assess the confidence of investors in the stock market.

These corrections come to be widespread in all places as we see drops of 2,35% in the Stock exchange of Japan or 2,83% in Sydney. For its part, the bags of the chinese less although the Hang Seng gives a 1,50% while that future americans are going down also a is 1.50%.

This brings us to a european market, with corrections in the Dax futures of 1.50% and the Euro Stoxx of 2.18% so that the opening of the selective Spanish will be approximately 7.470 points, these being very close to the vital support of the 38.2% Fibonacci of the entire corrective movement of February and march.

From the macro point of view we will be very quiet, since only we have the publication at 14:30 new requests weekly unemployment benefits in the united States (1.55 million) and the price index to the production may (0.1% and 0.1% and the underlying).

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