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The first German stock exchange League: Lufthansa flies out of the Dax

As Lufthansa had not enough problems already, now the Dax is a founding member to lose his place in the Germany’s first stock exchange League.

22. In June, the airline is listed in the MDax of medium sized values. The Deutsche Börse announced at the regular Review of its stock indices. Is replaced by the Lufthansa in the German stock index by the Berlin-based real estate group Deutsche Wohnen.

Decisive for the affiliation to the circle of the 30 Dax-listed companies stock market turnover (trading volume) and stock market value (market capitalization) of a company. The price of the Lufthansa shares slumped in the Wake of the Corona-crisis. Therefore, the airline has to clear now after almost 32 years of continuous affiliation with your place in the Dax.

The Federal capital gets, with the rise of the German is 14 years after the Acquisition of Schering by Bayer is again in a Dax-listed company. The company is nationwide to 160,000 homes, the second largest private landlords in the Republic. For this Friday, Deutsche Wohnen has been loaded by the shareholders to the annual General meeting. The largest German landlord, the Bochum Vonovia, is for five years in the Dax.

Important Index of Changes, especially for funds, which track indexes exactly (ETFs) are. There must then be correspondingly shifted, and what courses usually has impact on the shares. Belonging to the Dax, but it is also a question of Prestige, Especially for international investors, the benchmark is the flagship of the German economy. The next regular review date for the composition of the stock indices of the German stock exchange, the 3 is. September 2020.

With your Dax descent, Deutsche Lufthansa AG is a renowned company In September 2019, the industry had to leave early, Thyssenkrupp is one of the Top stock market index to a year before it caught the Commerzbank, which is all people had to make to the payment processor Wirecard place. Also, the Thyssen and the Commerzbank belonged to the circle of the 15 companies since the Start of the Dax on the 1. July 1988 until then without interruption, were listed in the Index.

The Lufthansa was in the Corona-crisis under severe pressure for months because hardly any air traffic is possible. In the group, with about 138,000 employees, thousands of Jobs are therefore on the Brink. The Federal government has put together an aid package, provides various aid and capital measures in a total amount of nine billion euros. In return, the state economic stabilization Fund (WSF) will take over 20 percent of the shares. In addition, it is provided that the Federal government occupied two Posts in the 20-member Supervisory Board of Lufthansa. The shareholders of Lufthansa must at an extraordinary General meeting on 25. June green light for the package type.

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