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the favorite to join the desescalada of the S&P 500

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The comeback of the us stock market it has been almost as swift as his misfortune. The S&P 500 has managed to return to annual profit of only 77 days after having suffered their minimum in this crisis of the coronavirus. However, analysts warn that not all values are valid to sign up for the ‘nothing has happened here’ from the index a new yorker.

Is more, they also warn that the comeback you could stay in a false move -see what happened in Thursday’s session – if the measures of desescalada that now are held end up in a new episode of contagions that require you to backtrack. Not only that, but also advise to calibrate very well the strength and ability to overcome the crisis in every sector as well as the solvency of each company in this pandemic is unusual in recent history.

With these assumptions, and with the figures for the first quarter of the year on the table next to a still vague outlook for the rest of this year, the Covid-19, the experts have your shortlist perfect to sign up for the sprint of the S&P 500. While, it should be recalled, the Ibex 35 accumulates even a collapse of 23%.

Vaccines and hygiene

Your favorite among the listed of more weight of an index that brings together about 80% of the entire capitalization of joint of Wall Street are Johnson & Johnson, Amazon, and Alphabet. Both for its business profile, as potential bullish and purchase recommendations.

Of these three, the one that wins applause more audible among analysts is Johnson & Johnson. This giant, in addition to caress the entrance in positive territory on the year, and offers a potential upside of 15% from its current quote. And is that has travelled up to the 164,17 dollars a share in which is your price target consensus, according to data supplied by Refinitiv.

In addition, the owner of signatures as well known as Johnson’s Baby, Listerine and Neutrogena is to purchase for 14 of the 20 analysts who follow its stock market performance and financial. The remaining six are opting for to keep. None of them believes that it is time to undo positions in a company that is looking to be reinforced by the diversion of consumption towards products of first need, and, most importantly, the hygiene.

For if it were a little gasoline for your motor upward, this Wednesday has been known that the company will advance in two months, the human trial of its potential vaccine in front of the coronavirus, so that will begin already in the second half of July. The company has signed agreements with the u.s. Government to make up to 1,000 million doses even before you check out definitely its effectiveness.

Not everything is applause at the FAANG

The second most congratulations to you harvest the market is Amazon. The giant without rival e-commerce has accumulated a revaluation against the current 40% so far this year, but is still seeing tour to add increases by another 5%. A percentage that results in progress by top of the $ 2,700-per-action, which would mean new highs for the value-bearer of the digitization of the global economy.

Here, unlike other securities in which the ratings are already starting to instill a certain altitude sickness among the analysts, an overwhelming 94% of which follow the value (47 of 50) advise the purchase of shares of the company founded by Jeff Bezos. And the other three are shaped by the wisdom of maintaining. No one believes that the uncertainties that have been sown this crisis or the route accumulated by its graph to be a reason to raise cash and reverse positions.

This conviction strikes a blow against the opinion of that experienced by other companies that form the group of giants technology known by the acronym FAANG. The very Apple, that in addition it is the second ‘blue chip’ by weighting in the S&P 500 index, is the sale of a 5% of the analysts who follow its evolution.

And, not only that. In addition, your actions weighs a little graphite potential bearish slightly higher at 5% compared to their current prices, which already exceeds the $ 320 per share.

Best, the class C

The story is not repeated in the ‘G’ of the famous acronym, which corresponds to Google. The colossus of the Internet is the third point for the S&P 500 to be carried away by the rising of the prices of Wall Street. More specifically, the analysts point to the class C shares of Alphabet, the parent company of the giant from 2015.

Although these securities rise more than 6% since the beginning of the year, the consensus of the market is that they contain fundamental background enough to climb a 8% more, up to 1.531 per diluted share. Two factors that cause these actions to be placed slightly over those of the class A of the same company.

Of the 15 analysts surveyed by Refinitv, all but one advise the purchase of Alphabet C. A crushing 93,3%. And if that weren’t enough, the single wayward -Cleveland Research – stays with keep. A caution that was justified in the target price of 1.423 dollars the analyst of this firm provides them -the lowest out of all their colleagues – it implies that its price would already have exceeded the 3% valuation optimal.

This cast of favorite agree with the warnings of analysts that the recovery has not been universalbecause while the sectors of information technology and consumer discretionary S&P 500 is up 11% and 8% so far this year, the financial sector has fallen 13%. And with the case of the FAANG is in evidence that even within each of these sectors, a careful selection of values becomes critical.

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