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the ‘farma’ the Spanish preferred the market at the time of the Covid

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The pharmaceuticals have become a precious component for many investment portfolios in these times of coronavirus. Sometimes, by the opportunism of trying to right the company’s winning of the race to the cure of the infection. Other, for the benefit of its profile defensive. The Spanish stock exchange, has nine listed companies of the sector, what are the favorite in the market?

The Spanish more applause is carried on the market it is one that, precisely, is also involved in the search for a suitable treatment in front of the Covid-19: Oryzon Genomics. The biopharmaceutical, which direct the marriage that make up Carlos Buesa and Tamara Maes has not only managed to overcome the ups and downs of the market in these months with gains of almost 23% since the beginning of the year, but the consensus of analysts who follow its evolution give their actions a bullish potential of nothing less than 202,5%.

The price target consensus of 10,33 euros per share, which points to Refinitiv involves more than triple their current prices. And, in addition, get a 100% purchase tips among the analysts who closely monitor the evolution of your quote and business. On this last point, it should be mentioned that an important asset is in its vafidemstat, which has been the first drug spaniard to receive authorization to carry out a study phase 2 in patients infected by the coronavirus.

Out of the race anticoronavirus

The second, with greater bullish potential in the opinion of the experts and that also with a 100% of purchase recommendations is Almirall. The laboratories catalans have a significant, but more modest, the margin of appreciation of 45% from its current market price. The target price for its stock is in the 17,3 euros per share, according to the consensus of analysts Refinitiv.

Each and every one of the ten analysts who monitor its evolution advise the purchase of some actions that, in spite of this conviction, suffer a decline of 18% so far this year. Although the company is not focused towards the business epidemiological, to the supply of medicines led to the health crisis, fired its net profit for the first quarter, 62.5%.

The third position is for Reig Jofre, which has a potential upside of 35.7% to 3.8 euros per share that analysts marked that as a target price for the company. The heiress of Natraceutical in the stock exchange refers to has made the leap also the fight against the Covid-19 with its food supplement Manremycthat could help to prevent the spread and reduce the incidence of infection, particularly in the health workforce and population with greater exposure to the virus.

Not so high is the potential of Faes Farmanor so unanimous in the belief that it is time to buy shares of the company. From its current contribution up to 4.7 euros per share, which the consensus of analysts branded as a price target, your pitch upward is 20.5%. However, of the eight experts who follow its evolution only four are advised to purchase their titlesthe other four were divided equally between keep your positions and sell them.

Potential in the Ibex

The following value in the ranking is the sole representative of the sector within the Ibex 35: Grifols. The Catalan company specialized in blood products and with a wide presence in the US is to purchase for 61% of the 23 analysts who issued opinion on their titles. A 30% advised to keep the portfolio company, while just 9% opted for undo positions in a value that loses 12% of its capitalization in the 2020, but aims to increase 17%.

Although the percentage of purchase recommendations is greater in Rovi, which reaches 63% of the tips in this line, the bullish potential of consensus decreases in this value up to 8% from its current share price. In addition, los selling tips are more significantsince reaching an 18% of the total: two of eleven. In this case, its unique relationship with the coronavirus found in the possible application of some of their heparins for the treatment of certain stages of the infection.

The student strength is exhausted

Finally, it appears PharmaMar. The old Zeltia is the Spanish pharmaceutical company that, without a doubt, the more it has turned in the fight against the coronavirus. Their leaders are not lacking in reasons when you claim openly that their Aplidin has an effect against the virus, “1,000 times” the remdesivir of u.s.-based Gilead Sciences.

However, these same circumstances that have encouraged your quote are the ones that now make an entry in the value is not as attractive if you do not want to bet with conviction in that your implication against the pandemic, and therefore your business in these challenges, will go to more. And is that, compared to their current prices, that adds up to a 68% in the bag since the beginning of the year, implies a potential bearish 2.4% up to your target price consensus 5,87 euros per share.

Yes, the five analysts who follow its evolution continue to recommend purchase, according to data compiled by Refinitiv.

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