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The cave of the lion: The cold and flu bath MeDusch for the shower and everyone is freaking out

“The cave of the lion”
A cold and flu bath for the shower and everyone is freaking out

Toxic turf wars within the investor pack. The trigger: a shower foam from essential Oils. Not exactly a rocket product, you might think, but the lions took out the big utensils.

If a lion’s roar. Twice in sentiment in the latest episode of the “cave of the lion”. At the first Clash snapped Nils Glagau his Mrs Judith Williams to: “Let me finish!” Point of dispute was a fitness bandage called “mybimaxx”that promises to reduce the training time by half at least of the same muscle-building. Glagau don’t mind the USP. “I could strap a blood-pressure measuring device to the Arm and would have the same effect.” Williams saw it differently and dropped her Mitjuroren again and again to the word. Not want to invest but also: “I’m still not grippy enough.”

The second escalation occurred during a Pitch “MediDusch”a shower foam with essential Oils, is to replace the cold and flu bath (the star has tested the product). Of course, without silicones, perfume micro-plastic. The inventor, a pharmaceutical consultant in the “pharmacies-foreign service”, sales of your product in-house, and had gone through 100 pharmacies – with amazing success. The investors were a flash in the Endorphin rush. Georg Kofler pined, the founder, has renamed its product now in “MeDusch”: “you are a great entrepreneur with sales and marketing genes!”

“Stop, you’re not talking now more time!”

All the lion wanted the Deal only Carsten Maschmeyer sniffed skeptical of the Menthol-almond-product (“this Can lead to irritation in the genital area?”). The real reason for his reluctance, however, was different: He had an inhaler in 2018 in the “cave of the lion” together with Ralf Dümmel in the Mini- “aspUraclip” invested and did not want to make a entry in “MeDusch” self-competition. Dümmel had no Problem with it. “I would not put in the whole package love with you…”, he to a foam-Suada, and was whistled back by maschmeyer male: “stop, you’re talking about now is more time!” The two sales and Marketing heavy-weights withdrew for consultation, and the “MeDusch”-maker made an offer she could not refuse: € 100,000 for 30 percent, plus a poster campaign worth half a Million.

Without a penny, the founder of the “pocket sky, however, left” the show stage. Nils Glagau was the light therapy glasses, which will unfold in the case of the winter Blues and jet lag a rejuvenating effect, for “nischig” and “seasonal”. And the inventors of “Schmuki”a dirt bag for children, not did it look good for a long time.

Healthy Fast Food

Georg Kofler has not held the Polyester bag to the car and the nerves of the parents save, “especially for a rocket scientific product,” and expressed the fear that it is easily copyable. What he was not wrong: The “Schmuki” was denied the Patent because he has no other technical innovation. After an Investor had backed out after the other, took Ralf Dümmel, the father of three adult children (“Where were you 20 years ago?”) a heart. He gave the Start-up from southern Germany to the desired $ 100,000, doubling its share to 40 percent. Dümmel: “I will halve your company’s value, to detonate with a Turbo, but a Turbo-S.”

A highly acclaimed performance Ella della Rovere, the Boss of the “Ella’s base gang celebrated”. What a woman! For 40 years she worked as a Doctor and founded a pain clinic and dared to 68 even a fresh start. Your theme: a balanced acid-base household. Product: healthy ready-made meals of vegetables. The lionesses and the lion were thrilled. Ralf Dümmel, held it hardly in the chair (“you’re the top!”). However, the euphoria was dented when it became clear that the vegetable creations need to be cooled. Cooling areas in a supermarket are small and hard fought. Dümmel from rose. For Nils Glagau a rose. “I’m going to give everything, their glasses of delicious cooling on the shelf”, shouted he and Ella. And called back: “Nils, welcome to our gang!”

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