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The cave of the lion: A road that earns money? Three investors team up to the “Super-lion”

“The cave of the lion”
A road which earns money? Three investors team up to the “Super-lion”

Georg Kofler, Nico Rosberg and Dagmar Wöhrl discuss in the “cave of the lion” about the solar road “Solmove”

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If the lions whispering, rolling usually the ruble. This experience of the inventors of a smart road surface made and cleared great. For whom is the “cave” remains in hell: providers of Workout Apps.

Mark Stöhr

“Knetbeton” sounds like the next big thing. The kneading inventor looked at the nature differently. His product, raved about it in his presentation in the “cave of the lion”, was “the tenderest temptation since there are Knetbeton”. So after all, he conjured up investors with a little Smile on your face. The Numbers gave no cause for Amusement, on the contrary. The sales curve: for years, in the descent. And on the account not only nothing, but a 100,000 Euro debt. “With you, concrete is sympathetic”, also komplimentierte Georg Kofler, the founder friendly “but they are not entrepreneurs.”

This allegation had to “count Everything”actress Birgit Glang not listen to. At least not so clearly. The graduate lawyer has already earned several careers and, thus, a small fortune. 300,000 euros of private money invested in the “Move it momma”, a Workout program for expectant mothers. The highlight: The App offers the Users, depending on the week of pregnancy, the appropriate training session. As is so often the lionesses and a lion found the idea was great, but had doubts as to their profitability. “Birgit, how are you gonna make money?”, Judith Williams asked perplexed. The answer – “with a multi-tiered subscription model” – made the worries of not folding small. The mom-platform has to go without investors money pregnant.

With an App against the packaging waste

The wallet-Opener in the fifth episode of goods, sustainable products. The founder of the “Yammbits“a fruit snack in ball shape without the added sugar and artificial flavouring substances – had two investors at the Angel. Dagmar Wöhrl, advertised as “brand-building-man,” withdrew their offer but insults, as the two entrepreneurs sympathized openly with Ralf Dümmel. The found the commercial rating of over one Million, but the Claim is good (“Eat natural”). Deal with a Dümmel-typical commercial hook: it can make the fruit balls in 10,000 branches, he receives a share of 20 percent, from 50 million brochures (“handouts”) will be 25 percent.

The packaging waste Problem, two super-smart former business consultant with your digital reusable system “Vytal devoted themselves to”. The idea is to give plastic bowls, which are provided with a QR-Code to dining establishments. This harness can then be used by consumers at all, “Vytal”partner restaurants returned. To date, this model exists only in Cologne, but the founders see him as international Potential. “Alone in London”, were you “is the volume of delivery is three times as high as in the whole of Germany.”

“Smart-up” instead of Start-up

Georg Kofler was completely electrified, and spoke of a future “Global Player in the digital economy”. As him, Nico Rosberg offered a whisper of a Deal, partnership, dismissed him Kofler (“I don’t know if I want to take you there”) – and made the business in the end actually alone: 450,000 euros for 12.5 percent, for Kofler a spectacular low rate. But: “you the two, three best founder I’ve experienced here.”

The Showdown of the “Super-lion” it was in the final Pitch of the shipment. A former software developer turned “Solmove”, solar modules, occupied the road surface. His Vision: E-cars, charging while Driving or Parking with solar power. His selling point: A road that earns money. The founders predicted in the next ten years, a turnover of 100 million euros. Carsten Maschmeyer was out of the house. “I would like to compliment you, I never did!”, he enthusiastically exclaimed. “This is not a Start-up, what are you doing, but a Smart-up.” Together with Dagmar Wöhrl and Nico Rosberg, he moved back in for a consultation and came up with a triple lion offer: 250,000 euros, there is immediately, an additional 250,000 if the pending Patent is granted. “Your idea is a bet on the future,” said Maschmeyer, “and we bet you do.”

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