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“The best thing in a Nasdaq rise free is to put on the parachute”

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The comeback of the past few weeks has a name of its own: Nasdaq. The spokesman of eToro in Spain, Javier Molina, explains that the technology index “has entered on the rise free”. And warns that “when this happens it is best to put on the parachute and endure.”

Molina points out that “let go by the way of ascent is to lose the high momentum of the index”. In your opinion, what is most advisable to get in the rush of the Nasdaq is “set a stop dynamic to go along the price”. And is that the expert considers that while there is still a large injection of liquidity through fiscal and monetary policy “the money comes in market and it goes right to the sectors that most interest you are awakening”.

However, the spokesperson of eToro points out that the situation is very different from one market to another. “The Ibex 35 has nothing to do with the Nasdaq; or its components or volumes,” he says. Once to 7,200 points in the that recovered 50% of the prior fall, the expert points out that “now the interesting part is that the 7.400 -7.500 points are not lost”.

Javier Molina, a spokesperson for eToro in Spain, analyzes the evolution of the exchanges and the bitcoin.

Investment strategies

By what refers to the market of criptomonedas, Molina emphasizes that “there is a process of accumulation after the ‘halving’ of bitcoin in the last month”. In this regard, it considers that “now the $ 10,000 is a really important area”. More specifically, points to “prices above $ 10,500, which would lead to a reaction very bullish and take you straight to the 11,000 dollars”.

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