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The Best 4G Internet Provider of 2021

The most notable advantage of having a 3G, 4G, or even a 5G internet connection is that individuals who have access to the internet broadband connection through their network providers can access the internet facility wherever and whenever they want as long as they are in the reach or range of the tower projecting the right signals.

We took it upon ourselves to analyze some of the biggest, most efficient, most popular, and productive service carriers in the country to pick out the features and perks on offer from each one of them that stand out and would attract a certain type of consumer or customer towards each one of them. The service carriers that we have looked at, included, or researched on are all market leaders and their names are T – Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and Cricket.

Listing The Best 4G Internet Providers and Their Best Features

  1. Verizon: Gives us the best data caps
  2. Cricket Wireless: Gives us the best flexible data plans and packages
  3. AT&T: Gives us the best plans and packages in terms of variety
  4. Sprint: Gives us the best family plans and packages
  5. T – Mobile: Gives us the best fastest speeds

Comparing The best 4G Internet Provider

Monthly Cost in $  Speed Of Downloads and Uploads Data Caps
Verizon $35 to $55 5 Mbps – 12 Mbps and 2 Mbps – 5 Mbps Completely Unlimited + Premium Data All The Way Up To 75 GB
Cricket Wireless $30 to $60 1 Mbps – 4 Mbps and  0.5 Mbps – 1 Mbps Completely Unlimited
AT&T $35 to $50 2.4 Mbps – 7.1 Mbps and 0.60 Mbps – 1.4 Mbps Completed Unlimited But Slows Down After 50 GB to 100 GB 
Sprint $60 to $80 3 Mbps – 6 Mbps and  10 Mbps and above Completely Unlimited 
T – Mobile $30 to $50 9 Mbps – 47 Mbps and 4 Mbps – 20 Mbps 50 GB

Verizon: Gives us the best data caps

Verizon is not only the most widely accessible mobile service carrier in the country but it also happens to be the one that offers the most to its customers or consumers. The thing about being the best 4G mobile broadband internet service provider is that people expect a lot from you in terms of plans and prices. It’s not something that can be overlooked but you would have to keep up with the changing trends or risk letting go of your number one spot.

The best feature that Verizon has to its name is purely for those customers or individuals that are big on using mobile broadband internet. For all heavy data users, we would quite easily recommend Verizon. However, the one thing that we, in particular, do not like about the mobile broadband internet service provider is that they offer extremely tight budgets.

Cricket Wireless: Gives us the best flexible data plans and packages

Since we are going outright with the very best features of all the brands given on the list. Cricket Wireless has this unique feature that is unique to its self. Care to take a wild guess?

You probably did not make the right guess but no worries. The right answer is, no contracts. We love and consider nothing better than to be affiliated with a service provider that is not a big fan of having contracts. Simply put we hate being tied down and we prefer to go for a no-contract data plan whenever we can.

However, the one thing that we, in particular, have an issue with is that the broadband internet mobile service provider does not offer as fast internet speeds as the rest of the service providers that we have mentioned in our list.

What Is the Main Factor That We May Have Overlooked?

We wanted to address this at the start but it’s always better to be late than sorry. Customer service is the one thing that has quickly gotten up in the consumer minds as only second to pricing and speeds. The question that every consumer ends up asking themselves is that whether or not they will end up enjoying the affiliation with a specific service provider. For a good time to happen, the customer would of course be looking at customer service departments of numerous companies and numerous brands to make a decision.

To give you an example from the internet service provider market. Spectrum Customer Service was one of the front runners last year that had stepped upon providing excellent customer care and services to their customers in the light of the Corona Virus Pandemic. This goodwill that they created in the minds of all of their customers enforced brand loyalty like no other and managed to boost the sales of the company. If we question any user of Spectrum Internet in comparison to interviewing a customer of Verizon FiOS, we would see more inclination towards the company that offers better customer service. 

So be wise in choosing the mobile broadband service provider because you would surely be needing the help of the customer care service center, sooner or later.

Morris is a Technology enthusiast and a writer by night. He has been a part of eTrendy Stock for quite some time and he contributes knowledgeable news articles from the Technology niche. He attended a technical school in Florida.

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