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The agony of another of the old values of continuous market: Duro Felguera

This summer is being very hot at the headquarters of Duro Felguera already in the past month of July had changes in the high dome of direction by the loss of confidence of his number two and director of human resources.

But as problems never come alone, now faced with the refusal of the banks to accept a new remove to the one already applied in the year 2018 to be able to give a new breath of fresh air with which to be able to continue their activity.

The banking creditor rejects a removes 85% of the debt already subjected to a remove above 75% in 2018, which, together with the fact that there also seems to be a rejection is also part of the State to enter the capital of the quoted by don’t consider it a condition of strategic the stops in an alley with the only exit from bankruptcy to try to save themselves in the medium term.

Evolution of the shares of Duro Felguera

Evolution of the shares of Duro Felguera

Eduardo Bolinches

From the technical point of view things are not looking so badfor the moment , but it is hoped that sooner or later the critical situation that is running Duro Felguera eventually cause many investors to jump out of the boat to the maximum to recover part of the investment made.

Especially when the balance of the year is still positive and from the lows of march has an important cumulative revaluation.

In today’s session is the value lower in the continuous market reaching a decrease of more than 13 percent to 0,392 eur, and since that level is recovering positions having retaken first of all the important moving average long-term pass by the 0,4068 euros.

This level, lost only for the moment in format intraday low, will be the one that will alert us investors leave the boat in the time that we see closures below them.

Until this happens, many investors will have one of the old horse mackerel market continued to keep looking the pitch of the day, with the difference that now we could wake up in brief with the request for voluntary bankruptcy of creditors and the corresponding suspension of trading on the stock exchange.

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