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The actions of the Group do not Hurry up to find ground and set new historic lows

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Bad times we are playing live to Javier Monzón in the company that he chairs and for which it is not able to get investors to trust her. But is that the view of the evolution of their shares on the stock market all indicate that they are making the right decision.

The Prisa group is, without a doubt, a leader in the world of the prensa and radio in the Spanish-speaking worldbut it seems that it has been anchored in the last century and is having a lot of problems to give the balance to the world online. In fact, even data from hearings on its Website in the year 2018 in an attempt to hide the continued deterioration of both your sales and your visitors online.

And for proof of this, is the latest report from Comscore in which THE SPANISH exceeds more than one of your main headers as is The Country in unique visitors. But in reality nothing to the price of its shares are not already counting for many years and as you can see in the following chart.

Evolution of the shares of Grupo Prisa

Evolution of the shares of Grupo Prisa

Eduardo Bolinches

With the last contrasplit (1×30) in the spring of 2015 and the last dividend paid in 2008, the story of Hurry in stock is the story of a failure. A nice early history but that to date of today is in need of capital increases recurring in time to be able to continue your activity because the operating losses and debt to its back will prevent it from functioning filed and, therefore, shed benefits.

Now we must be attentive to its results for the second quarter of the yearbut much I fear that things are not going to change much. It is for this that I don’t expect any kind of change in the trend and therefore I do not propose the entry into this value.

In these moments there are 20 companies on the Spanish Continuous Market for under half a euro and that figure increases to 27 listed if you count the one that they are below the unit of euro. And all guilty of the same thing, although we can find some exceptions, very interesting.

But, generally, all enterprises are highly indebted and with activities declining. There accompanying him in that group the shares of Vocento, or, for other reasons well different banks as Liberbank or Unicaja.

However, we can also find a company with good financial health such as the recently reorganized Deoleo or companies that enjoy the trust of the investors for other reasons as may be the actions of Reno de Medici or Berkeley Energy.

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