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The 5 Most Popular Dapps This Month

It has been an interesting month for cryptocurrencies, even if the overall momentum is far from impressive. Interestingly, the Dapps do not note any dwindling momentum, for the most part. Games continue to dominate the top five again according to DappRadar, although catching up to PancakeSwap will be a tall order. 

PancakeSwap (DEX/DeFi)

Most crypto enthusiasts are familiar with PancakeSwap, the popular decentralized exchange and DeFi platform on BNB Chain. It is the biggest competitor to Uniswap, yet it has far more monthly users. Although the user count declined by nearly 14% over the past 30 days, over 1.75 million addresses interfaced with PS. Moreover, they generated $2.21 billion, which is relatively decent. 

Gameta (Gaming)

Web3 gaming is an exciting vertical in crypto and blockchain. Gameta, is designed to be a catalyst for converting mainstream users into Web3 enthusiasts and runs on the Solana and BNB Chain networks. It is the top-ranking game among all Dapps for monthly users, with over 1.16 million. That is a near 1.845% increase in the past month, something we don’t see too often in these rankings. Sustaining that newfound appeal will be far more challenging.

Alien Worlds (Gaming)

The Alien Worlds game has been among top Dapps for several months and shows no sign of slowing down. It, too, runs on the BNB Chain and WAX, ensuring the top three Dapps have ties to the BNB Chain ecosystem. Although Alien Worlds maintains a steady user count of over 500,000, this month yielded a 25% jump to 760,000 addresses. 

Solitaire Blitz (Gaming)

Playing Solitaire on the blockchain strikes a chord with many players. The Flow blockchain enables such an opportunity through Solitaire Blitz, a game that saw its user count spike by 67,241,80%. Unfortunately, that seems a tad off due to a potential API bug, as the title has been a fairly popular Dapp for a while now. Even so, it is good to see another blockchain in this top five and showcase Flow’s potential for decentralized gaming.

AtomicAssets (Trading)

The AtomicAssets platform ranks fifth among all Dapps by monthly users. A solid development for the trading project built on WAX and EOS. Moreover, the native AtomicAssets standard is viable for tokenizing and creating digital assets on these two networks, with a strong focus on non-fungible tokens. Thanks to over 651,000 users this month, the project once again secures its spot in the Dapp top five. 

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