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Thanks to the mild weather: households will spend less on heating

The households in Germany have had to spend in the past heating season from September to may less money for their heating.

The demand for heating fell because of mild weather to three percent lower than in the previous period, reported the Internet Portal Check24 in Munich. It was the third Time in a row that consumers had less to heat.

In the case of gas customers, the affected with a decrease in costs by three percent because of the gas prices changed, on average, hardly. A sample budget such as the inhabitants of a house had to spend 1138 Euro for Gas, compared to 1170 Euro in the previous period.

Significant cost reduction for the users of oil heating. You could look forward to a strong decline in prices, their cost calculator declined by 17 percent. In the current heating season they paid in the same model household 1120 Euro for the heating to 1353 Euro in the period prior to that.

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