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“Team Wallraff” by the German Red cross lights up: How good are the supposedly Good guys are?

RTL-investigative team revealed
How good are the supposedly Good guys are? “Team Wallraff” lit up by the German Red cross

A “Team Wallraff”reporter documented undercover as a volunteer assistant in a Berlin dress chamber, such as those for self-service loading


Undercover Reporter Günter Wallraff looks with his investigative team behind the Scenes of the German Red cross, and reveals that Power and money are, in some cases, apparently similar in purpose to humanity.

In a closet of the Red cross, nice things are reserved for individual employees. “It’s the customer anything,” says the Responsible of the opportunity for self-operation of the assistants. Does she know who is her: A young woman who is running as an auxiliary a student has crept in, but in reality a reporter from the “Team Wallraff”, that researched hidden for years.

On Monday evening at 20.15 clock, RTL shows the result of many months of work by the “Team Wallraff – Reporter undercover”. At the same time, the 90-minute-long Film about the giant Empire of the German Red cross (DRK) is also in the RTL-live stream and to see then in the library at TVNOW. The journalists broke into an Empire with millions of members, hundreds of thousands of employees and volunteers – and with billions of shops.

Robust methods and misuse of ambulance

A Reporter hired by service providers, with robust methods and hard hitting Commission agreements donations raising. They drove in the ambulance was also used for planned routine transports; what the colleague from the DRC on the running track as a “misuse of rescue funds” files. You were there when an emergency call came because of a supposed stroke, with the desire the helper in the conflict, the cigarette aufzurauchen (“Five minutes or”).

But “Team Wallraff” it’s not about the misconduct of the Individual. On the contrary, Wallraff and colleagues for countless employees of the Red cross and many volunteers will bow down explicitly in front of the work. However, they present conditions that make it even well-meaning employees is impossible to fulfill your order. For example, if you move out without adequate training and preparation for a home emergency call service to people in Need, as a reporter has done.

Undercover-Researcher, Günter Wallraff

Undercover-Researcher, Günter Wallraff

© TVNOW / Stefan Gregorowius

On your journey through the innards of the auxiliary group, the Reporter to the celebrity Undercover-Researcher, Günter Wallraff on structures that are at least disturbing encounter. To respond to instructions, such as on critical issues – namely, in Silence. You know how intertwined DRC and politics at all levels. A former top official complained in front of the camera, how hard the Association is to do with reforms. And it is clear that it often goes not only to help but to make money. “How much of humanity really is in the most powerful aid organization of Germany?”, questions to the authors. Not enough is the answer. Wallraff says: “Our Film aims to make a positive difference, because here you must change what.”

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