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SZ Podcast “To the point” messages from the 23.09.2020 economy

Olaf Scholz, announced that next year, 96 billion euros in new debts. Rightly so, says Economist Marcel Fratzscher.

Finance Minister, Olaf Scholz, is pumping a lot of money in the German economy. This year, Germany makes more than 200 billion, next year after just envisioned the draft budget of 96 billion euros in new debt. Against the corona of a crisis save the Wrong, would be exactly Scholz emphasized again and again.

Thus, the SPD have a candidate for Chancellor, right, says Marcel Fratzscher. The Institute for economic research (DIW), whose President is Fratzscher, has calculated that the state could prevent a lot of Bad things through its policy. The optimism of some of the parts he’s not. Still a mass-like company was to die possible.

Other themes: New asylum policy of the EU-Commission’s, drug-RAID at the Munich police.

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