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Subscription services: features, pricing and benefits of membership the world’s most important gamer


The mystery is already revealed, and both the Xbox Series X as the PlayStation 5 confirmed their prices and departure dates along with some of the titles and innovations that will be incorporated in some months. In both cases, the subscription services seem to play an important role for a transition more enjoyable with the current platforms and their relevance will only increase in the future.

On consoles, the three services are needed to be able to play any online experience, with a few exceptions such as Fortnite and other titles extremely popular. Depending on the platform, these subscription services have different benefits and, to analyze its value it is necessary to review one by one.

This service has become the workhorse of Microsoft in recent years, and is a fundamental tool for every user of Xbox. Game Pass gives you instant access to over 100 video games. Users can download any of the available titles in your console and use them until, eventually, they leave the service. As is the case with platforms such as Netflixthe list of games is updated on a monthly basis, with titles that incorporate and others that leave the service. This mode does not apply to video games exclusive to Xbox, which are available in the Game Pass from the day of its release.

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.
Xbox Game Pass Ultimate.

Game Pass account with a standard version and another Ultimate. The extra benefits of this include downloadable content, exclusive in some games, as well as access to Games with Live, a program similar to Playstation Plus that grants four games free per month and significant discounts in the catalog.

Since September, it was announced that all users of the Game Pass Ultimate will also be provided with xCloud the game service in the cloud that allows you to enjoy the catalogue for streaming from any mobile platform with Android.

It should be noted that, as with the rest of the services detailed in this article, the games available on Game Pass no longer be accessible when it expires the subscription. Recently, the values of the service increased with respect to what were being more than a year ago and are currently at $599 pesos per month on PC and Xbox One and $899 pesos for the Ultimate version on console in Argentina.

(Photo: Playstation)
(Photo: Playstation)

The service Sony turned ten in August and has two key pillars. On the one hand offers dos video games “free” per month to their subscribers, with some particular cases where you add a third option. On the other, also offers significant discounts to its users, as well as exclusive content from the brand in online games such as Fortnite, Warframe, Call of Duty and more.

After the presentation of Xbox last week, the balance seemed to lean very clearly towards the side of Microsoft and that is why PlayStation decided to redouble the bet with a new benefit to users of PS Plus. In PlayStation 5, those subscribed users will also have the Playstation Plus Collection. It is a collection of games PlayStation 4 acclaimed by critics, including several exclusives to the console.

As the Game Pass, this allows the gamers to begin a new generation with a catalog already armed, and consistent, unlike other occasions where the console came to the market with very few attractive options. For the moment, Sony did not specify further details in this regard and it is unknown if there will be more benefits in the future, but the PS Plus Collection is an interesting added to a service that seems pretty stagnant.

An additional service is Playstation Now, a game tool in the cloud that allows you to play using streaming without having to download the titles. In Argentina, with internet speeds slower planet, it is something unattainable, but there is the option of downloading the titles in question.


Currently, the one-year subscription of Playstation Plus costs $39.99 dollars in the digital store of Argentina. The price varies according to the region and in the united States has a value of $60. The games on offer month-to-month may also vary by region.

Although there are rumors of a new Nintendo Switch on the way, the company does not plan to make the generation jump yet. Shortly after the release of the Switch it has announced its online service payment and their benefits will more closely resemble the Playstation than the Xbox.

Aside from allowing the online game, Nintendo Switch Online gives to its users some video games free of charge, as Tetris 99. The differential is that it features collections of titles Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and SNES, which is larger month-to-month with more titles. Apart from games, the tools that emulate the titles come with useful tools like points saved, the option to rewind and much more for non-simply-return-to-play Super Mario Bros. 3but have a small added.

The subscription service Nintendo Switch adds new titles to its catalog.
The subscription service Nintendo Switch adds new titles to its catalog.

Newly this year, Nintendo is starting to add more benefits to the users of their service, while they try to find out how far she is willing to accompany their community. In a recent broadcast, it was revealed that Disgaea 5 Complete you can enjoy free of charge for a week with that service activated. Although it does not seem much, it is clearly the beginning of more initiatives of this kind.

The annual subscription of Nintendo Switch Online costs $19.99 dollars in the united States for individual users, but there is also a family membership, to $34.99 dollars, which gives you the service to up to eight different accounts.

Formerly known as Twitch Primeis the service of the mega corporation Amazon. Is the alternative for PC users and is included in the subscription of Amazon Prime, which also provides the service of streaming of series and movies Amazon Prime Video.

With a subscription to Amazon Prime, users can get free games every month, as well as different boxes with items and benefits for different titles online, as Valorant, League of Legends, GTA V and more. The membership service of Amazon also allows you a free subscription for a month to a channel of Twitch user’s preference.

REUTERS/Brendan McDermid
REUTERS/Brendan McDermid

Electronic Arts account with their own service, when it launches the Xbox Series X, will be part of the Game Pass Ultimate. The benefits include instant access to video games selected, discounts in the securities of the company and the possibility to test games on a limited basis shortly before its arrival to the market.

Currently, the annual subscription costs $29.99 dollars in the united States and you can obtain it from Xbox One, Playstation 4 or PC through Origin or Steam.

Users with devices Appleeither an iPhone, a Mac or a TV, they have their own service of hand Apple Arcade. The company boasts of choose titles that are redefining what is a video game, and therefore offers a variety of indie games and other important exponents to provide a unique selection.

In the united States, the service costs $4.99 per month.

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