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Student and Entrepreneur Nick Abraham Discusses the Benefits in Hiring Virtual Assistants

Being both an entrepreneur and a student, Nick Abraham used to struggle to manage his business. Not yet in the position to hire local in-house full-time employees, he turned to outsourcing and hired virtual assistants overseas. The decision proved to be a game-changer for Abraham and his business. “It saved a majority of my time,” he said, “time that I was able to use to start expanding my business.” 

Time is not the only thing Abraham was able to save because of outsourcing. If he had chosen to hire full-time employees, Abraham would be paying more than double what he is currently spending. 

In recent years, the hiring of VAs has become increasingly popular with businesses, both small and large. While working remotely, usually with a work-from-home setup, these assistants can do a variety of tasks, from administrative work and business development to social media marketing. VAs can be hired either on a part-time or full-time basis, depending on your requirements. You can pay them by the hour or a fixed per week or month fee. 

The main come-on for business owners is increased productivity. Time is the most important resource for entrepreneurs. By delegating important yet time-consuming tasks to VAs, they can focus their attention on activities that can grow their businesses. The setup benefits foreign professionals as well. Working as VAs provide them better pay and more opportunities for growth than most jobs back in their home countries. 

Through outsourcing, Abraham realized automation is possible by making his business reliant on the systems and processes he established instead of on himself. “Now my business operates like a machine that is being directed by virtual assistants,” he said. 

With the aim of sharing the benefits of hiring VAs, Abraham has established a consulting firm that creates modern efficient business systems operated by virtual assistants. For as low as $3 per hour, you can have a fully-trained assistant that can help you in different aspects of your business, from nurturing leads on autopilot to automating the fulfillment aspect of your business.

VAs can also provide small businesses with the leverage they need to thrive in a competitive environment. “The biggest corporations are outsourcing,” Abraham said. “Small businesses need to do the same to compete.”

Michael Peres
Michael Peres
Michael Peres is a serial entrepreneur and journalist best known for founding various tech and media startups. Peres has developed an interest in exploring the unique mindsets of life’s outliers: extraordinary people who have weaponized their perceived limitations and found a way to succeed. His passion is to share their stories, giving strength and inspiration to those who are trying to find their way in life.

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