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Still not the time has come to buy shares of Repsol

Many investors have fallen in the price of the shares of Repsol has broken through the line trend bearish that began before the turn of the past 8th of June at 9.50 euros. Since then its price has depreciated by more than 32% to end up seeing their minimum with the beginning of this month of August that is next to its completion in the 6,462 euros.

However, rather than see some kind of reaction to the upside to the downturn prior, the stock price has opted rather for a laterality between said zone and the maxima in the 7,294 euros.

The union of that laterality with the presence of the line trend to bearish earlier commented on is the one that has caused with the mere passage of time, the price of actions has broken to the upside. But as I mentioned above, this rupture is no volume and thus, unconvincing.

So you have to really be attentive to the first sign of evidence of possible boot. This would come with the overcoming of the maximum decreasing in immediate 7,058 eurosbut , really, would have to wait for a stronger signal with the reconquest of the 7,294 euros to enter seriously into the value.

The boot failed of the shares of Repsol

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