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Steel in Need of: IG Metall wants to get started the state at Thyssenkrupp

Steel in Need
IG Metall wants to get started the state at Thyssenkrupp

“Thyssenkrupp will not do it alone,” said IG Metall Board member Juergen Kerner in Essen, where steel works councils of the group had taken. Photo: Bernd Von Jutrczenka/dpa

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As a “system-relevant” has the NRW Minister Armin Laschet and the German steel called. The IG Metall takes him at his word, and calls an entry point of the state in the crisis-ridden steel subsidiary of Thyssenkrupp. For Laschet, the debate is ill-timed comes.

The crisis at Germany’s largest steel manufacturer, Thyssenkrupp is coming to a head, according to the IG Metall, due to the Corona pandemic dramatically.

The Union has therefore asked the state to participate in the steel division of the tradition group. “Thyssenkrupp will not do it alone,” said IG Metall Board member Juergen Kerner in Essen, where steel works councils of the group had taken. “The state needs to get in”, urged Kerner, who is also Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the group as a whole.

The Union fears degradation, the destruction of the core area of Thyssenkrupp and a massive job. The steel have major problems with regard to financial, the “someone had to come up with a bag full of money,” said Kerner. The trade Union of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, especially as lenders in the view. It should not be a permanent state participation, – said Kerner. The will not approve Brussels.

From the policy negative signals came. NRW Minister Armin Laschet (CDU) had already declared in the Morning in Berlin, the state shareholdings in Thyssenkrupp were “currently not on the agenda”. Federal Minister Peter Altmaier (CDU), said on the sidelines of the deliberations of the EU energy Ministers, he did believe that a nationalization of at the moment is the correct answer. The problems of the steel industry were not solved in the first line with a state participation.

The IG Metall will not accept but with the no. Laschet have referred to the steel as “system relevant”. Therefore he must now take political responsibility. 16. October want to remember the steelworks, the Prime Minister, wants to compete next year in the Federal elections as the Chancellor candidate of the Union, with a Demonstration in Düsseldorf in mind.

A few Thousand are to March within sight of the state Chancellery. It is a matter of people “who are also voters in this Region,” said Kerner. In the steel division of Thyssenkrupp of 27,000 people are employed in NRW, according to the IG Metall. Directly and indirectly 150,000 jobs were hanging on the steel.

The steel makers are hit by the wrong position of your company in your Pride. “We are not a Zombie company, it must somehow be kept alive artificially,” said the General works Council Chairman Tekin Nasikkol. For years, the steel had flushed high profits in the consolidated Fund. To do this, it will come back, if it is sufficiently in the modernisation of the blast furnaces and steel works will invest.

Thyssenkrupp writes to the steel deep in the red. In the first nine months of the current fiscal year, an operating loss of more than 700 million Euro is running up. Overcapacity in the steel markets and a slump in demand pressing on the business. In addition, billions of investment in climate-friendly production are required. Company Director Martina Merz is therefore looking for a Partner. “There are no prohibitions against Thinking about”, she emphasized.

The company has not commented directly on the requirement for state participation. The conversion to a climate-neutral steel production need “appropriate policy framework and state support,” said a spokesman. The group was “still in talks with industrial partners,” and “further efforts” to reduce costs, said a spokesman.

From the point of view of the IG Metall Merz in finding a partner is not came yet but law. There is so far only ideas, “no industrial plan, no financial plan,” criticized Kerner. What there was, let “in a very, very deep abyss” look, said Detlef Wetzel, Vice-Chairman of the Supervisory Board in the steel division. It is the interested parties to “smashing”, “Fillet the good parts and sell off what does not interested.”

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