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Starbucks prohibits employees of “Black Lives Matter”Shirts

After the death of George Floyd, the racism debate in the US re-flared up. For weeks, thousands of people take to the streets to demonstrate against inequality in the society. However, the Protest has shifted from the road long ago in many other areas of life: Everywhere is now being discussed about structural racism, everywhere people, organizations and companies show their solidarity with the “Black Lives Matter”movement.

The coffee house chain, Starbucks, does not want to accept, however, that employees manifest in their support. It is not allowed to wear T-Shirts or badges with symbols of the “Black Lives Matter”movement, said in a Memo to the management, through the “Buzzfeed News” reported. Corporate governance refers to the dress code, the use of the Baristas for a number of years forecast, badges for “political, religious or personal beliefs” to.

In social networks, Starbucks against racism is positioned

Zing Shaw is at Starbucks for inclusion and diversity is responsible, justified the prohibition, moreover, so that customers interpret the principles of the “Black Lives Matter”movement is wrong, and so deliberately “split” could intensify. As the Letter shows, had turned several of the branch managers in the matter of the Management of the chain.

On the Internet, Starbucks had positioned itself in the past few days, even more clearly against racism. At the very top on his Twitter Account, the company has fixed a Tweet, in the Starbucks, the “Black Lives Matter”movement explicitly supports. In another Tweet it said: “We are going to provide us with racism to create a more inclusive and fairer world. We are in solidarity with our black partners, customers, and Communities. We will not only be a spectator.”

The company makes this course not even in the stores more visible, and its employees are allowed to position themselves, disappointed many customers. On Twitter, some even called for a Boycott of the chain. According to “Buzzfeed News” criticizing staff, moreover, that in other cases the company will even be desired to refer to socio-political issues – for example, when it comes to the topic of LGBQT+. In the “Pride Month” of June, distribute to the company the appropriate badges to employees and customers.

Sources: “Buzzfeed News” / Starbucks on Twitter

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