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SPD-prestige project threatens to fail – economic

It has been a matter of the heart of the SPD, the reduction in property, plant and groundless limitation is in the coalition agreement, into the bargain about. Now, however, there is evidence to suggest that there is stricter regulation in this legislature, perhaps nothing more. The labour market policy spokeswoman for the Greens in the Bundestag, Beate Müller-Gemmeke, has asked the Federal government-namely, when a draft law in terms of limitation in time would be presented. The answer of the Federal Ministry of labour, the In southern Germany Newspaper there is, was tight-lipped: Currently, the measures for the control of the Corona were pandemic, and its implications in focus, wrote Secretary of state Annette Kramme. Other agreed projects “in the General limitation law” would have to be employed behind these measures.

The end of the parliamentary term, however, it is getting closer and closer, what makes the project increasingly unlikely. That it is not really progress, also shows a list of Operations of the Ministry, the possession of the Süddeutsche Zeitung as well. A whole series of projects with their status or the scheduled time frame listed. They are all marked with a wrench icon. Is that supposed to mean “work in progress”. The property, plant and gratuitous limitation does not, however, to this group, you won’t show up until further down the project list, without a wrench – and especially without time to plan.

In the coalition agreement, it is agreed that in companies with more than 75 employees in the future, no more than 2.5 percent of the workforce property, plant and temporary for a reason, may be employed

Müller-Gemmeke calls it “absurd” that the Corona, the crisis in the Situation of temporary employment have aggravated should not be used to ensure that the government bring the announced reduction of temporary contracts on the way. For the employer the property, bring a gratuitous limit full flexibility “for employees it means, however arbitrary and to a high degree of uncertainty”. Especially in times of Corona that this was “an untenable Situation”. Actually, Müller-Gemmeke wanted to know from the Ministry of labour also, how many people have become since the beginning of the Corona-crisis unemployed because their temporary contracts have expired. But no evidence is presented according to the reply letter of the Ministry””.

In the coalition agreement, it is agreed that in companies with more than 75 employees in the future, no more than 2.5 percent of the workforce property, plant, and must for no reason be temporarily employed. Also, the maximum duration of such contracts is to be reduced, and a chain with a time limit can be prevented. The economy had resisted from the beginning against these plans and, among other things, pointed out that, especially in Parts of the public service, the property, plant and gratuitous limitation is widespread. In the Union, there is skepticism. This Wednesday, the Bundestag Committee for labour and social Affairs deals with the question of how far the government has come with their regulatory efforts.

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