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Solaria and Viscofan, the values of the Ibex 35 more ‘fear’ give it to the analysts

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One more year comes to Halloween. Although this time will be different -or even more precisely for this reason-, analysts are keen on getting the best ‘trick or treat’ for the scarce two months that remain of this turbulent year. A straight final, in which their fears bearish within the depreciated Ibex 35 are concentrated on two values: Solaria and Viscofan.

Solariathe newcomer in the Ibex 35, is precisely the one that least confidence is gained among the investment community. In the renewable the analysts of the Spanish market are concentrating their worst predictions.

Not only is he one of the three unique values of the Spanish index that has potential bearish according to the consensus of the experts, but it is the second that more pitch you have for the fall.

Rookie and leader

From your current quote, to which reached after increase 145% so far this year, the consensus of analysts Refinitiv augur falls to 16,06 eur per share in that they set their target price. This assumes a margin of 3.8% for the descent. And, in case outside little, 42.9% of the analysts that oversee your evolution recommends the sale of their actions.

On this last point, Solaria enjoys the dubious honour of being a leader within the Ibex 35. And it seems that the punishment accumulated for the most of values of the heat of the pandemic of the Covid-19 is so bulky that not a single value of the Spanish index currently suffering from a recommendation of the majority of sale.

The second value of the index that more selling tips harvest among the analysts who follow its evolution of business and trading is Viscofan. The company specializes in packaging for meat products is labeled as a divestiture for 38.5% of the experts. In round numbers, five of the 13 that emit opinion on his titles.

However, the fear that the company wake up between the investors is not the end of understand until it is known that only 15.4% of the analysts -only two – recommended the purchase of its shares. A few titles it set a price target consensus of 55,76 € and the scope of which would fall by 3.8% to their graphics from their current prices.

Other renewable

Ahead of these two, there is only a company that has more potential to decline. If the forecasts of the analysts are met, Siemens Gamesa would have the court assign a 12.2% from its current quote. And is that the consensus of analysts Refinitiv does not give you more that 21,37 euros per share target price.

In spite of this distrust, what is certain is that the recommendations that those same analysts perform for their actions to soften the question. And is that only a third of the experts advise to sell their actions (eight of 24), while a 50% (12) tries to maintain and only a 17% (4) you choose to invite to the purchase of their titles.

In terms of the potential evolution of the price of their shares, one might also mention PharmaMarfor being the next in the ranking. After you have accumulated several sessions of punishment in the last week, with a very limited bullish potential from 0.7% to 115,95 in which the analysts set their price target, according to data extracted from Refinitiv.

Although in this case the recommendations of sales only represent 20% of the total of the that are formulated about the value -compared to 60% who advise buy-, your situation is noteworthy because the next one in the table already has margin for increases of 4.8%. It is Cellnexthat even in the area of historic maximum points to win a little more.

Potential with caution

Over a third of recommendations of sale, other values of the index the king of the Spanish stock market. This bad omen is hovering over Meliá Hotels (38.1%) and Banco Sabadell (34,8%). However, both companies have the approval of the expert to significantly improve your quotation.

More specifically, the hotel a target price of 4,28 euros per share whose conquest would mean a profit of 34.6% on your current quote. The bank, for its part, has a roof for analysts in 0,34 euros per title, in a dimension which is 29.8% of the final price that your graphics set this Friday.

Yes, another thing that both values share also is that none of the two is to purchase the bulk of the analysts that follow them. In both cases, send the recommendations to maintain.

In Meliá only five of the 21 experts that issued the opinion and advise to acquire their titles, a 23,8% of the total. A percentage that is dramatically reduced to 8.7% that mark in Banco Sabadellwhere are inclined to this option more friendly only two of a total of 23.

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