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so yes we can dream with 8,000 points

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The truth is that I don’t remember when was the last time that we were able to see a plenum of the banking sector quoted on the selective Spanish in the ranking of major climbs, but it is nice to see you again because it really is the only way we can break out finally from the bondage of 38.2% Fibonacci of the entire stretch corrective since the highs of February in the 10.086,5 points and the minimum of march 5.822,4.

However, we must be alert both to the session today as the morning, because we need to see two zippers consecutive above that level to be able to dream with 8,000 points.

However, having seen that in the first hour of hiring there has been no collection of benefits is a great good news. In addition, values of vital importance as Inditex (2,88%), Telefónica (3,71%), and Repsol (2,92%) neither are doing anything wrong. Only Iberdrola (1,49%) is a little behind, but her behavior in the last two months is spectacular.

The selective Spanish, and their 35 values.

The selective Spanish, and their 35 values.

Eduardo Bolinches

Anyway, it is important to remember that we need two locks in a row for over 7.451 points before them by reconquered, and a collection of benefits could come at any time of the investors short-term. In fact, the first symptom of weakness would come with the closing of the gaps bullish session today, especially of the sector banking.

Then, as a second warning signal, we would have the loss of the minimum levels of last Friday. This would be a clear sign that they are choosing to throw in the towel in the attack.

It’s not about being negative, but realistic. We already know how he spends the Ibex 35 and we know not only of the great strength of the resistance. In addition, we can also intuit that the resistance of 8,000 points will be difficult to break after the sharp turn to the low of the 8th of June.

Also, presumably we’ll get to in a moment in which start coming out the results of listed companies in the second quarterwhere are pick up the true impact of the confinement by the pandemic of the Covid-19.

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