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SMI Markets Scam Check and Review

Modern trading world relates with the contemporary ideas of professional and experienced traders. These professionals provide their qualified services in the form of useful online brokerages, which are extremely helpful and profitable in trading industry. SMI Markets is one of the brokerages, which is attracting the online traders since 2002, with its competitive and user friendly features. It is an award winning platform, equipped with the helpful tools and well-informed professional services. It is providing the finest and inexpensive services for its users for their trading business. It aims to give useful guidelines to the traders no matter they are new comer or experienced, and is the creator of “No” dealing desk forex execution model.

The Main aim of SMI Markets is not only to provide the reliable services it its clients but to educate them in an appropriate manner to prepare them to trade in the trading world with confidence. In order to succeed in its objectives, SMI Markets is working continuously to adding more advanced features to facilitate its clients with the best services for trading. It is a best trading platform for the traders who are searching for decent quality services for their investments.

Is SMI Markets Scam or Legit? 

You might be asking yourself “is SMI Markets scam or legit?”. 

Well rest assured that SMI Markets is a legitimate and safe broker for your trading needs.


SMI markets is providing its services for the following products to trade in:

  • Forex

The process of buying and selling of foreign currencies in the form of pairs is known as Forex or (FX trading). These pairs are shown by their three letter words such as USD/EUR, here the USD stands for Dollar and EUR for Euro. Daily transaction volume over $5 trillion is making forex, the leading market of trading world. 

  • Commodities

Buying and selling process of raw and agricultural materials such as cotton, wheat. Corn, coal, gold, oil and fossils is called commodities. In the markets of commodities the prices of the most used daily products are traded every-day that is why the prices of these products are changed regularly.

  • Indices

Indices or index is the indicator that indicates the measurement of a stock market and selected shares. Indices are really valuable for the traders, who compare the current price levels to the previous levels to estimate the enactment of the market. Index can be extensive and tapered and the original properties in an index are normally mentioned as the index’s “basket of stocks.” For example (DJIA) contains 30 of the largest U.S companies.


SMI markets is offering five types of accounts for its clients which are:

  • Beginners Account

Investors who are investing first time in trading market and completely unaware of the basics of trading, beginner account is the finest choice for them, minimum deposit of $250 is required to acquire this account. Traders are offered with fixed spreads and maximum leverage up to 100. Traders can trade 50+ currencies through the beginners account.

  • Standard account

To acquire this account traders required minimum deposit of $500. Maximum leverage up to 200 and variable spreads are provided for the investors of standard account.

  • Gold account

To owning gold account at SMI Markets, a minimum deposit of $5000 is mandatory. Fixed gold spreads and maximum leverage of 1:300 is also provided for the investors. Gold account is the easy access to the forex market and provides the weekly reviews and analysis of the market to its users. 24 hours customer support is available to assist the investors in their concerns. 

  • Diamond account

Traders can own this account with the minimum deposit of $10,000. It offers the diamond spreads with the leverage of 1:400. Service of a personal account manager is provided for the convenience of its users. Personal account manager helps in the risk management planning to save the assets of the users of Diamond account.

  • VIP account

VIP account is automatically opened for the experienced traders by a personal invitation. Most of the quality services are provided for the users of VIP account of SMI markets, it has VIP spreads and maximum leverage of 1:400. Highly qualified and most experienced personal account manager is always available to help the traders with his/her expert opinion. With the help of one click trading, traders can perform fast order execution in the following account.


Modern world is full of challenges and to face these challenges we surely need assistance in every field of life. Customer support plays an important role in the progress of every field and profession, and SMI Markets also goes by the same logic and has even taken it a step further by providing assistance through their account managers:

  • 24/5 customer support

SMI Markets provides 24/5 customer support service for its clients to prepare them to face the challenges of trading world. The customer support team is always at your service to solve your queries and issues. Highly qualified and capable individuals are included in the customer support team of SMI Market, who have excessive experience and ability to assist their clients in decision making.

  • Personal accounts manager

After owning an account with SMI Markets you are automatically linked with a personal account manager. This account manager is experienced and is well aware of the market trends. These individuals are highly qualified and equipped with the tools which are helpful and beneficial for your trading business. With the guidance of these individuals you can get success in trading with huge returns.


It is true that trading has a massive attraction for the people who want to invest their assets to earn more. On one hand, online trading looks so promising and profitable, but on the other hand, online trading has become more risky with the passage of time. Online trading features are trying to give the relief for online traders where you can trading in the markets with a single mouse click. You can be effortlessly be updated by the market positions in few seconds with the help of online services. 

To get the success in trading you only need is patience and devotion towards trading. If there will be a lack of dedication you will lose your assets in result. Therefore, it is certainly essential for you to choose the right way to invest your assets.

Morris is a Technology enthusiast and a writer by night. He has been a part of eTrendy Stock for quite some time and he contributes knowledgeable news articles from the Technology niche. He attended a technical school in Florida.

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