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Siemens Gamesa will have to wait for their assault on the resistance of 16 euros

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It may seem a failure, but it really isn’t because the value has achieved a revaluation excellent from its lows of the past month of march when the action came to cross 10,68 euros.

However, it does seem that the agreement reached with the Government not to close their plants in the Basin, and Somoza has not sat well today the quote, that retranquea positions from a level of close very close to rush to the attack at the session of today at little to bring the markets.

So it is waiting for the next wave to see if it has enough volume buyer to attack with strength the resistance of the 16 euro even though you are actually in the 15,895 euros.

Evolution of the shares of Siemens Gamesa

Evolution of the shares of Siemens Gamesa

Eduardo Bolinches

And as you can see in the chart, the shares of Siemens Gamesa have been making a recovery in prices in two impulses. First, they went from the lows of march up to the area of the 14 euros and was left lateralized two months. Then, another stretch upward similar to the previous one to get closer to the 16 euros.

This time, however, has not chosen to remain lateralized in the upper part of the range and it went back down to the area of 14 euros that had previously been resistance, leaning into her and returning yesterday to bounce up to the door of the 16 euros again.

But today you do not find the investors that are committed to the break. So we just have to be attentive to a rupture of the 16 euro or to a test new to the area of the 14 euros if you come back to it. To see if this afternoon things change a little.

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